#fbpe Is Western democracy on the brink - what could/ will replace it?

I am one of those people that believe that we, as human beings, have certain personality traits inherent in our genes, irrespective of how we grew up or act or what we say. I believe that they are not unique to humans, but mainly a result of how the world is ... that is to say a world where economics rules. By that I mean a world - a universe, of limited resources and unlimited wants.

Think about it. If every one of us could simply imagine and have everything they wanted without this impacting anybody else ... problems would just disappear. But we don't and we know that if there is a piece of meat or a gold coin in front of us, and a hundred men and women round it all wanting it for themself ... then we are going to have to find a way solve this problem. Over the centuries mankind has come up with many methods, from the let's fight for it till only one is left standing (I call this pure capitalism) to a method where we all own it jointly (pure communism). Not unsurprisingly, these methods have both been proven to be wanting, as indeed has every other system that lies on a spectrum between these two extremes. I call these collectively, (socialism).

I, like many of you, was born onto the team we called first world democracies. We have a system we base on an ancient Greek invention and for all its faults we think of it as being the best system in the world. We think of it as freedom, because we choose our rulers ... or do we. We are better than Russia because we have choice. That's right - we chose Trump and Brexit. We choose to be right-wing super nationalist racists. It is our birthright. We wouldn't dream of putting them in jail and calling them subversives like they do in tyrant land. Far better to insult them on national television. After all we are the good guys, and just because we also support others (by supplying them with arms) - that like to turn somebody else's country into a battlefield with millions of casualties and starving children - well tough. We don't want millions of immigrants flooding our country, driving down our wages, blocking up our NHS and taking our houses.

Hang on a minute, did you say we wanted this system, Evidently YES, Because TRUMP and BREXIT were our selection. In all honesty I cannot believe we as humans can be so stupid. We are the turkeys that voted for Xmas. We are the turkeys that can't recognize the signs, like Xmas crackers, mistaking them for celebratory fireworks. If after two years we still can't see the truth. If a pound that is almost parity with the euro isn't enough. If the fifth largest economy now has one of the largest first world homelessness capitals, if the country whose economy is dominated by a single city, London, is more welcoming to foreigners with their millions than to a hard working youngster who can't afford to live alone - but needs to share with others. If we can just stand by (and complain of course - that's very British) and watch our pride and joy, the NHS go down the toilet while the tories are commissioning their studies and driving away our EU nurses and doctors,

If we are stupid enough to have another referendum and still have a 'close call result after all we have learned. In America, Trump's core is around 40% vs 60% logical people who are now recognizing Trump for what he is. That is frankly the kind of result ... and better we would need to shut the Brexiteers up once and for all!!

And May - you have already proven you have a 2 digit IQ if you think your solution is one that can last, even if it is voted for. Corbyn, it is sad that you also suffer from a 2 digit IQ if you think you can negotiate a deal with Europe where you can do what you want with nationalization, control immigration and still be in the/ a single market. A good deal cannot be negotiated - because there isn't one.

As for democracy, I say one more time a people's vote to balance the last disaster - and then let's can it forever.

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