#fbpe @BBCnews “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth

Joseph Goebbels is credited for the quote, “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

While it’s uncertain if Goebbels actually made that statement, what’s not up for debate is that he was the Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany. They were not fans of facts or a free press.

When Brexit started, perhaps it was really about regaining democratic decision-making for Great Britain. Perhaps it really was about the fear of immigrants taking over jobs meant for locals. Perhaps even it was about resentment for being left behind during the globalization of trade. Whatever it was at the beginning, like Trumpism and the 'popularization' of politics in the USA, Brexit has become a football match, a barroom brawl, a punch-up between a minority 'imperialistic' Tory elite who have partnered themselves with a number of other right-wing undesirable groups to achieve their ends.

By imperialistic, I mean, perhaps mistakenly, a group of people that believe that rules and law and order are only there to serve their needs, to protect them from the masses, because they include among their number the 'HAVES' or to be more accurate, 'HAVE A HECK OF A LOT'. They are the ones that happily twist the law and hide behind flaws and weaknesses of the legal system to achieve their own ends.

I refer to the people who justify the 'almost collapse of the financial sector of the world' in 2008, by saying '"it was all legal", and yet today, more than a decade after the fact, no serious punishment has been meted out to those responsible. We haven't even looked for the real culprits. There must be a better word than 'imperialistic', but I am talking about the people that bend rules and allow standards to drop so that a tragedy like the Grenfell fire could occur, and yet today, over 2 years later, they are trying to convince us that they are doing their best to make amends.

And they do all this with the use of words. They twist that which they know deep down to be false, in order to convince others to join them in their quest. This is the danger of democracy. This is the danger of 'free speech'. To paraphrase a quote attributed to Sir Winston Churchill, 'democracy is the very worst system - except for all the others.' Perhaps, and we may well be proud that OUR social system is democratic. But make no mistake, it is not the only system out there, and frankly it lacks many of the advantage of more autocratic systems. The reason, in my humble opinion, is that democracy as a system is as unnatural, as alien to human nature as communism was.

Look at the natural world of mammals. We don't call a lion, criminal when it kills a gazelle to feed itself and its young. The fact that it literally rips its prey apart while it is still alive is natural to them, and as abhorrent to us as any shooting. As a regular viewer of wildlife programs, I have witnessed acts of cruelty in nature that, had they been in the world of humans would easily justify the title of sociopath and possibly a death sentence for the perpetrators.

Whales, using baby seals as footballs and throwing them around until they finally die, just so that they could teach their young how to do it. But getting back to the world of Brexit, a large number of those who claimed 'returning democracy to Great Britain' as being their justification; have tried, twice now to take power away from parliament to achieve their ends. They have joined ranks with people whose beliefs are in antithesis to their own. People who still consider abortion as illegal.

The sad part of all this is the masses caught up in the middle, because, like it or not, they are the football. When I hear people like Boris Johnson claiming that they, the Tories are the party of the NHS, it really is almost sickening. The same party that stripped the NHS in the first place, is now claiming to be their champion.

To hear his party clapping and cheering him on is bad enough, but when I see the millions in the heartlands of England claiming to prefer Johnson to their own natural party, Labour, I just want to give up. I don't know what Jeremy Corbyn did to deserve this dislike/hatred from many of his own kind. Perhaps it is deserved because, let's not kid ourselves' he really is as selfish and self-serving as his Tory counterpart.

I don't doubt for a second that NO DEAL Brexit would be very damaging to Great Britain, I don't doubt for a second that Scotland, on the pretext of Brexit, will gain its independence within a decade. I don't doubt for a second that the ultra-nationalists in Ireland will use the new borders to justify their return to violence. There will be some investment in the UK, but make no mistake, it will not be anywhere near as much as one could expect from being inside the EU.

And all this, Why? Because the British never in their history, ever learned how to play in a team. In Europe, they had a natural advantage as one of the largest contributors financially. Had they, while they were inside, played the discussion game, used arguments to convince others, they could have had much more than they had. Instead, they were the kind of spoiled children that threw their toys out of the pram when they couldn't have their own way. The true originators of Brexit, the imperialists, are the kind of people that want to be the head fish in a smaller pond rather than just another fish in a larger one.

I don't doubt for a second that Great Britain, after it has shrunk, will come to recognize its error, especially when the pain sets in. Sometimes I almost want a NO DEAL Brexit just for everybody to see the mistake. Then again, that would be like hoping a child gets run over just to teach it not to play in the road.

To all those that think getting the Divorce bill passed by parliament is the end of the Brexit problem, well it isn't. Its just the beginning. Those that think a NO-DEAL Brexit is the end, are even worse off, because Britain will still need to negotiate some form of future with the EU. Its position is strongest now while its influence is greatest. As time goes by, as Britain accounts for less and less trade of the EU, they will simply reach a point when they turn around and say, "OK then, goodbye, and thanks for all the fish". [Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy]

IN conclusion, I leave you with this thought. Ideas evolve and develop, and we need to develop our ideas as far as democracy are concerned. Laws need to be as much for the victims as for the perpetrators, and they need to redress the inequalities of society. If they do not, the gaps between the rich and the poor, the weak and strong will continue to grow. While the former has a bigger arsenal, the latter has numbers, and they will eventually face a showdown.

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