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You know people, if you believe what any of these party leaders are saying about Brexit, you are only fooling yourself. The fact is that there are least 3 positions on Europe. The first is simple, it is easy and is simply remain with the EU, taking the pros and cons. The second is a clean break, but believe it or not, this is not as clean as one might think. We are mutually dependent on each other for security. We say our security comes from NATO but make no mistake, our dependence is more dependent on Europe, if for no other reason all off us are closer and under threat from Russia.

Then there are all the others. The ones that want a close relationship, including regulatory and custom union. There are others whose only interest is taking back control of our borders; others care only about our fishing. Others want a free trade, style like Canada or a Norway style arrangement.

About free trade and arrangements, let me point out the story of Cystic Fibrosis and the fact that the NHS only just signed a deal while Scotland has had it for over a year. The reason, Scotland joined Beneluxa agreement that includes not only the Benelux countries but now includes Scotland and Ireland. This is how to trade and negotiate, grow your negotiating power. Obviously EU would have been better but obviously this could not be done. So they got together and agreed a price that is estimated to be at least 65% cheaper than the original €174.000 /per patient /per year. Add to that they had their deal two year before us in England. NHS can NEVER have the negotiating power a group, any group of countries.

Then there are those that want to control immigrants. In 2016, when this argument started, there were those that claimed immigration was over 300.000 about 50% from the EU and the rest from the rest of the world. The Tories claimed they would bring it down below 100.000. Since the Brexit argument started demand for Britain from Europe has dropped and today the number arriving from the continent has dropped, give or take to around 60.000, a drop of around 40%. But overall, the numbers are as high as ever. Why? Because the home office and immigration from the rest of the world has grown accordingly. These numbers were always under the control of the Home Office. So why did they let them in? The reason: simple, we need them.

Then there is the question of the fisheries. Scotland claim, quite rightly that many too many people from the continent are taking their fish. Possibly, but the solution is better negotiation with the EU. Any trade agreement will include fishing rights, and before we decide to keep the EU out of the Scottish fishing areas, let's not forget that 60% of the fish caught by the Scots is bought by the EU. We also import much of our own consumption from the EU.

People, we need another referendum, but not a no deal or some stupid Labour offer vs. remain. This will be rejected faster than hot meal of rotten meat. The new referendum must be complete.

So be it ... because a true meaningful referendum will give everybody a fair and equal chance, initially. How? Simple, just run it like any election in the world that is truly democratic, not first past the post.

In round one you have all the possible solutions and anybody can vote strategically for the preferred outcome. Our goal is to achieve 50%+1 votes. In the event we fail to secure such an outcome, then in round two, the top two scoring options run off against each other, and all those that voted for something else are forced to decide between these two. So, for example we could have in round One:

  1. Accept the Brexit deal we have including but not restricted to, the Northern Ireland backstop.

  2. Continue negotiating till we find a better solution to our exit

  3. Accept 1 above and then target a full regulatory and customs alignment deal

  4. Accept 1 above and then target a Norway style agreement

  5. Accept 1 above and then target a Canada style Agreement

  6. Just leave, NO-DEAL exit

  7. Cancel Article 50 and Remain

  8. Declare war on the EU

This is the only way to run a referendum that will solve our problem, and I challenge the BBC to explain and tell the people that this is an option, a real one. instead of asking everybody's opinion of How do we get there?

For what it's worth, I have run numerous (1 week... that's the maximum) Twitter polls, and have got results I would claim are similar to National ones. I don't claim they are scientific evidence, because I have no idea how they were conducted; but the latest I ran at the end of September was

Look at the results above, only 7% of the respondents prefer the solution we all hope can get through parliament. THIS IS INSANITY people.

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