#fbpe #abtv To all those thinking that May's deal is the end of all the squabbling - Think again!

Sometimes I can't believe the audacity of politicians, and frankly the naivety of the public at large. To be more specific, in this particular case, I am referring to Teresa May's offering to the nation and the audacity she has to tell us this is the best 'deal' the UK is going to get. That may be, but please don't call it the Brexit agreement. This is the DIVORCE settlement formalized. This is exactly where we were exactly one year ago, except that it is now going to be binding. This is the guarantee to the EU that whatever happens, they are going to get their money, and their member Ireland is safe. It is also additional pressure to the hardliners that they will not get their hardline Brexit ... but it is not legally binding. If Jacob-Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson were to take over negotiations (after the ratification of this document) he would be exactly where he is now, except if he tried to walk away it would cost him Northern Ireland and £39 billion give or take.

As I sit here and read my own words, I realize this is a strong case for the Brexiteers to oppose this deal - but ironically it is also the worst deal that Remainers could get. In this case I am now directing my commentary to the business world. If you think that this document means the end of discussions, if you think this means the end of uncertainty then frankly you need your heads examined. "We will get back control of our borders." Big deal! As things stand there has already been a reduction in European applications to come into the UK, by more than 50%. EU residents here are planning too move back to the EU, if for no other reason than the fall in the value of Sterling means it is nowhere near as lucrative to work in Britain as it was before.The fact that you can now control the numbers though work permits when your economy is crying out for social care workers and fruit pickers (hitherto classed as skill-less) means what exactly! The NHS is crying out for doctors and nurses and they are leaving the profession faster than we can train them.

Listen Brexiteers and all those who think they can out-negotiate the EU. If you are so hell bent on destroying the country, at least prove it that the people are on your side. Hold a peoples' vote, a REAL one with multiple choices and a second round of voting if necessary, (see my last blog)


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