#fbpe #abtv They're all idiots, liars or hypocrites

Almost 3 years ago I warned that Brexit was a poison chalice. Almost 3 years ago I warned that no body, but nobody could solve the Brexit conundrum ... because the population of the country was diametrically opposed. And they all proved themselves to be liars or stupid, You had a Prime Minister who claimed to be remainer, and behaved like a closet Brexstremist. You have an opposition leader who claims he voted remain but was and is an extreme Eurosceptic.

Today you have idiots trying desperately to run down the clock, thinking that even if the UK crashed out, there was no way to just ignore the result. You have politicians people claiming irreparable damage to democracy but refusing to allow the people to express their opinion. You have politicians people claiming irreparable damage to constitutionality even though their is no written constitution. You have politicians people claiming irreparable damage to sovereignty but refusing to allow parliament to decide without the courts having to decide.

You have idiots refusing to see the danger of the UK breaking up WHEN and I men when Scotland decides to have a second vote. You have idiots who can't see that bombs going off in Northern Ireland for the first time in decades, maybe just maybe that the extremists are still there and waiting to get back into action when a new border appears. You have idiots that cannot see that losing Northern Ireland is just one referendum away for them to reunify their island.

You have liars that try to hide the fact that immigration was never a real problem but instead a storm in a teacup. Immigrants from the EU are now well under 100.000 but overall numbers are not down, Why? Because the numbers from outside the EU are well up. You have morons claiming £39bn. is a price and not the COST of the UK obligations.


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