#fbpe #abtv Thank you hardline Brexiteers - for helping to solve the problem

Remainers, and friends of the UK that actually care about Britain - rejoice ... because the hardline Brexiteers just handed us the game on a plate.

When Crispin Blunt just stood there this morning in front of the cameras and admitted to the BBC cameras - to Britain as a whole ... that the only purpose of this vote of no confidence for T.May by the selfish, egotistical hardline brexiteers was to run out the clock for all solutions, effectively throwing the UK off a cliff: he effectively cut their own collective throats.

Think about it people.

The hardline, selfish "couldn't care less about Britain" brexiteers have declared themselves as the owners of the "NO SECOND REFERENDUM" slogan. They don't want a solution. In basketball, sometimes when a team is one up (or thinks it is) they will just pass the ball to each other or throw the ball out, just to run out the clock. While there are people that have genuine (possibly even constitutional) objections to a second referendum - I seriously doubt that there is one among them that wants to be associated with the group that drove the UK off a cliff.

So now Teresa May can go back to the people and offer them a choice, my soft Brexit, a hardline NO DEAL brexit and a cancel Article 50 ,,, and whatever the outcome she is safe to carry on knowing she will still be in command.


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