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Now pay attention class!

I said it from the very beginning, but will repeat it again. When the referendum took place in 2016 not everybody - nobody in fact, realized what BREXIT meant. I know that not everybody agrees, but none-the-less this subject is so critical, not only to the UK but also to the EU and beyond; that a little confirmation never hurt anyone. Think of it as the 'repeat back' that every pilot is obliged to do when communicating with the control tower.

- PILOT: Please confirm (G)olf (B)ravo 3-3-4 clear finals runway 2-7 /

- TOWER: I already told you once! I am not repeating myself. Next time pay attention/

Can anyone truly envisage the above conversation ever taking place. I don't think so. Let's take a look at the current situation. May has signed an exit deal that almost everybody thinks - stinks. It pleases nobody but unites the UK in that it pisses off everybody. Those who voted Leave, now have to ask themselves, "Is this what I wanted?" , while those who voted remain now find themselves asking, "If this is sovereignty and independence, what exactly does servitude involve?"

There is no other choice, and as soon as people stop trying to play the politically correct game of burying their head in the sand and talking rubbish, they will realize its the only way. In many ways I am glad that there is floating around, the opinion that a second referendum may end up in a repeat win for the leavers. This is good because it increases the possibility that the Brexiteers will accept the idea. And then we just let the people decide. So be it! I have two passports anyway.

But if we are to have a peoples' vote, we need to do it right if it is to be accepted. True democracy, and real choices for everybody. This would mean a real democratic vote, not the kind of thing I realize that Britain has much experience with. First past the post is a sham, not democracy. I am talking two rounds of voting.

We have already established that a binary vote is the worst of all worlds. What two options do we put? But putting more than 2 options will be unacceptable to the Brexiteers as this would mean that the leave vote is split. So far we have three options (WTO rules crash out, May's bespoke agreement, and cancel Brexit), but why stop there. Be fair. Let's include (if you want) a Norway style and a Canada style option, and any other types you want. You hold the first round of voting, and in the event that no party reaches 50%, then the top two (and only the top two) scoring options go through to the next round. Even the Americans have this, and they call the second round "the run-off." In fact they have this kind of vote next Tuesday in Mississippi. If your option didn't go through then you are obliged to choose between the two offered. You have you answer, QED (Quod Erat Demonstrandum) After the second round, at the latest, Ipso Facto, you have your answer. No more ambiguity, business is as happy as it can be, as is everybody else. (All this Latin I am learning ... )

One final requirement. It must be agreed and signed up front. This topical vote is off the table for at least the next 10 years. I am betting a tenner that remain wins in the first round by at least 55%

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