#Fbpe #Abtv #StopBrexit @LabourUK I told you so!

Either the British (By British, here I mean the English!) are among the most stupid creatures on earth, or else there is something else going on.

Since stupidity is not generally something that the entire nation can be accused of, let us consider the alternatives.

We stand on the brink of the most momentous event this nation has faced for a very long time. It is a self-created event and many feel it is a catastrophe. Yet there are others that feel it i the best thing that could happen to Britain.

Since there are many people that would normally be classified as medically sane on the Brexiteers side, one has to wonder why they are doing this. The most obvious answer is that they do not believe the Remainers, and/or the authorities that warn of problems ahead. They do not believe that the EU would risk losing Britain by NOT giving us a good deal. This flies in the face of reason. The UK are trying to play a divide and rule game. Even though they have failed at every turn, there are those that would have us believe that the UK is winning this war. They feel that by playing hardball the EU will eventually capitulate. Maybe? Then again, perhaps one day soon pigs will up and fly. A much, much, much more likely scenario is that they are playing a waiting game. Indeed, they do want to keep Britain in the EU. Thuis they cannot afford to insult using any real way. They offer us tea and biscuits when we come calling, while in reality there are many that are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of the windfall that will befall them. You see, the loss of the trade that would happen, many feel although they do not express it, that the gain they will get from the many financial services that the UK benefits from at the moment. Whether its keeping the money that would go Britain from the continent or that money that comes from via London, the EU only stand to gain. Perhaps there is currently nobody as big as London that could handle all the business, but that is the power of the team. Why can't they just split it between whoever and let the markets decide if Paris, or Frankfurt or whoever will be the eventual winner?

The EU are waiting, not for anything from the UK government or the negotiating team, but what will happen to the resistance team in coming months. Will they be able to force another referendum or final Brexit vote? For they too believe that the Article 50 could be reversed. It has already been said there is no cast iron guarantee that article 50 can be stopped legally, but they have already that they would even be willing to extend the deadline in the event that Britain needed more time for their democratic process to work.

But make no mistake. At a time when the EU is at its worst relationship with Donald Trump and a trade war looms on the horizon, the EU send their president of the council Jean-Claude Juncker and voilá, no mor problems! Compare this to the UK with its special relationship, having to introduce Trump to the Queen and for what? If it hadn't been for Congress' own investigation, we wouldn't even have been able to get the US to back our petition for greater Russian sanctions, and even now we are not certain what we will get come October.

No, the EU know what they are doing, and they are being as polite as they can be while trying to warn us as politely as they can. "We are a club. We have our problems but we stand united. Stay with us and we will work together to solve your grievances, more readily now than before you voted Brexit". But make no mistake, you do not stop Brexit, you will either get a very poor deal that will effectively neutralize any long-term benefit you hope for, or else you will get the same trade rules as third- world Africa. We think they are being vindictive?

No, that lesson comes next year!

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