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Hello folks ...

I was following proceedings of the Labour conference today and I was impressed. They have indeed done their homework, and prepared the ground for their return to power with extensive, well thought out policies. All except one it appears, that is quite capable of unravelling all of their hard earned ideas. for the future.

Mr. Mcdonnel is a capable orator and he presented a picture for a UK future under Labour management that was second to none. Even claiming that Labour preferred to have an election rather than a second referendum is a reasonable idea, especially since there is no way to force the government to resign. Forget moral obligations, this government has proven itself willing to challenge even legal obligations (e.g. take power away from parliament, stripping Scotland of devolved powers). There is no way to FORCE Teresa May to resign and even if she did, there is no way to force her successor to call another general election.

Then there is Brexit. Anyway you look at it, this is a fiasco. It was ill thought out from the beginning, and now on the brink of exiting the EU, we have made no real progress. The only good thing that exists at this moment is that it is the Tories that own this problem, even if we all suffer as a result. I have long said and wrote about it. There is no way to leave the EU without causing considerable distress to the entire nation, some more than others. It even risks the break up of the UK, and if people want to accuse me of scare-mongering, well so be it. As far as I am concerned they can they can stick their mendacious oratory where the sun never shines, because it is reality. In 2014, a strong reason many in Scotland voted against independence was the fact that by necessity they would be dragged out of the EU. Now it seems they are being forced to withdraw even though they voted overwhelmingly to remain.

For Mr. Mcdonell to claim now, that he would walk back the negotiations and have an open customs arrangement with the EU is stupidity itself. The demand of the Brexiteers are incompatible with EU requirements. Any deal will, by necessity be less than we have now. The EU have stated it. It is simple and logical. How can the EU give Britain a better trade agreement than it gives its own members? How can they compromise the only real trump card they have in their arsenal in their fight to keep an already fragile EU from breaking apart?

For Mr. Mcdonnell to claim that the Labour party would support a new referendum if its members wanted. but with no option to remain, is among the front runners to win in the history of stupid ideas. Even if Labour was to come to power, the only option to avoid Brexit killing all the good deeds Labour wants to do, is to promise a referendum themselves and offer REMAIN as a solution. All this of course presupposes that the EU would even be willing to extend the negotiation period.

Labour ... pay attention. The tide is turning and many people have changed their mind about leaving. They are now not as resolute about migration, especially since they now see that they need them more than the racist hatred that some people are stirring up. They want their jobs ... and the claims that holding another referendum is anti-democratic is almost as stupid as holding another referendum with no option to remain. Get a grip people, before you end up throwing away your almost certain victory.

Anyway , how would you do it? This decision would, by necessity, come after a vote in parliament about Chequers' and NO DEAL rejections. How would Labour sell that to the nation? First, Labour votes in parliament against the government on both these options and then suggest putting these decisions (ONLY) to the voting public! Get a grip Mcdonnell!

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