#fbpe #abtv #stopbrexit Ireland and Scotland revisited!

Well, it's crunch time, and I guess we will soon find out who won! Only two more small chapters separate us from the final chapter. The Labour and the Tory party conference. Who would have thunk it! So what are the options?

Well, I for one am not surprised, except now the EU have come out straight and said it ... "we cannot risk the break-up of the single market." Effectively, all the rhetoric of the past came down to the fact that Britain had to choose, because they could not have what they had in a new world where they effectively had shirked off their responsibility. The Brexit they were selling did not do what they said it would, it couldn't, so if you want out of the EU there will be a price.

Soon we will find out if the word of the British government has any value in this new 21st century world. You see, whether Britain likes it or not, there was a cost to all the shenanigans of the past year. Teresa May had as much as admitted it. The EU had laid down procedures of these talks and had been accepted by May on behalf of the United Kingdom.

  1. There would be no negotiations on the future of the deal between the UK and the EU without first ironing out the cost the divorce which included around £39B.

  2. The backstop on Ireland, was that there would be no hard border on the island of Ireland.

Now Teresa May has said that no British Prime Minister could accept a border that effectively separates off Northern Ireland. But those are just rhetoric, because the deal was already done, 20 years ago. Somewhere in that agreement was the word of a nation. It could only be changed by a referendum of the people.

Similarly, but completely different, the was a referendum in 2014 held in Scotland. Effectively the Scottish people were threatened and promised that in order to stay a part of the EU (they voted 62% Remain) they would have to remain a part of the UK, and even then it was only 55% to 45%.

So now we have Scotland and Ireland, two economies that never wanted to leave the EU facing a situation where effectively England is going to decide their future. I can see it now, the ministers trying to sell the idea,

"You will now be poorer, as will we, with fewer jobs and less money ... but don't worry, we will now take all the important decisions for you in Westminster instead of Bruxelles!"

What do you think they will say? Looking at it like that it is easy to see that that the hardline Brexiteers are in essence, nothing more than a bunch of hardline English nationalists trying to bring back the empire, and asking the rest of the world to help them do it.

So what do we have now? A proposed deal that has been rejected outright by the EU, the headline Brexiters, the soft Brexiters and the leavers; being pedaled to the nation by a leper PM that nobody wants but feel too sorry to have her put down!

Let's not forget the Labour party, We could blame them for their indecision on the EU but in reality we are only talking about Corbyn, who is as stubborn as Teresa May. He too will need to change his tune or else risk losing the election.

In the event of 'no deal' or 'chequer's deal' being refused by parliament either a new referendum/ vote will be needed. YOU DECIDE!

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