#FBPE #ABTV #StopBrexit Brexit: At the next junction turn right ...no left..no right..about face!

Welcome back from the holidays, and straight into the Brexit cauldron. There have been a number of political discussions today, and without exception, everybody agrees we have, in the last two years, moved exactly nowhere!

We hear people blaming the EU, blaming the government, blaming Labour, blaming certain individuals, but whoever you blame the fact remains that nobody has been able to come up with an acceptable compromise.

Why are we so surprised? In 2016 we were offered a referendum, and the salespeople from both sides sold us something it was not. From "project fear", to "it would be quick and easy" to a brighter future" ... whatever the message you took from the spiel, what was delivered was not what was in the box.

We are now in the ludicrous situation of a government trying to sell parliament on a solution that has already been rejected by both proponents as well as opponents to Brexit. To this we can add that the solution Teresa May wants us to accept has already been rejected by the EU.

So where are we now? We have all those people happily telling us what we don't want, but nobody has yet to come up with an acceptable solution. What we really have is people vying to be the next leader, promising anything just to get themselves elected. From Corbyn, to the Labour party in general and even Boris Johnson on the other side. The sheer stupidity is that it is a poison chalice. Brexit has destroyed far better and more intellectually qualified people than today's contenders for PM. From as far back as the 1970s there have been dozens of proponents, and more recently it has destroyed 2 prime ministers, David Cameron and now Teresa May.

People, listen please

This subject is so toxic that nobody can solve it. Deep down we all know this, and yet we stand on the most ridiculous of arguments, it would be anti-democratic to ask the people again. Poll after poll show that there is an ever increasing percentage of the population that wants to vote again. Polls show that there is a very strong Labour movement now for 'remain' and yet its leader is hell bent on Brexit.

So let's stop kidding ourselves! Those who think that the fallback position of exiting on WTO terms is going to be accepted by the population, even if it is accepted by parliament, are nuts. There really would be riots in the street. So people, gear up, prepare your arguments for leave, chequers or remain; start canvassing and let the polls decide.

You see, there is no more room for lies. Most people know now what is true and what isn't; so let's see what the people say. I never liked Nigel Farage or his arguments, his Trumpian support or his borderline racism; but one thing I thing I will take my hat off for. He is one of the very few people today that is willing to put his ideas back to the population believing he can win. He isn't trying to hide behind some stupid, nonsensical arguments about democracy.


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