#fbpe #abtv Peoples' vote - Here's what we need to do! Please read and pass on... for all our sakes.

Until a few thousand years ago the British Isles were actually joined to mainland Europe, and even now they are by far our closest neighbour. We, as a nation, have for centuries allied ourselves with one or the other nations on the continent against others, and this seemed to be both the norm as well as the accepted solution to any disagreements we may have had. That is until the last century when two world wars brought home to us the consequences of ever escalating violent conflicts. The EU, however weak and pathetic it may seem to some, was, is, and always will be in one form or the other, the only logical direction this group of countries with a common geographical address, can survive. Brexit has proven once and for all, that the age old British policy of divide and rule is now thoroughly out of date.

That thought aside, my forecast for a second referendum was actually based on the fact that certain problems seemed then as they do now as insoluble and could never be resolved simply by negotiation, They were so important that they required a separate and distinct decision by the people. Among them was the cost of Brexit. Walking away or separating ourselves from the EU was never a zero cost decision, It wasn't simply a case of "stop the world, I want to get off", whatever the Brexiteers might tell you.

Brexit is not free. It comes at a cost. When a group forges itself into a new and influential tribe as the EU has done, do you really think it is possible for a member of the tribe to just quit and set up camp just outside the border, popping in and out taking what it wants, for free? The second vote was and is inevitable, and just when it seems that progress may be visible on the horizon, some idiots are risking total failure by putting forward rules of executing this vote that will guarantee that this question remains unresolved.

So let me make this patently clear. Anybody that has a right to vote needs to be represented and feel they have an equal chance to be heard. Therefore every possible (logical) solution must be available as an option. I don't need to tell you that such an answer could conceivably create great confusion in terms of what the nation decided was the direction in which to go. Therefore we need more, and simply put, the democratic way to solve such a dilemma is to take the top two scoring options and create a second round of voting, where all those whose option did not win in the first round, now has to decide which of the two top scorers they prefer. So for example you could end up with decisions like, do the hardline Brexiteers prefer to just walk away under WTO or to remain in the EU; or remainers will have to choose between May's proposed solution and WTO rules. Perhaps Norway style over Canada etc. This method of voting is not new nor is it unusual. It is in fact very common in many countries, including in America where a second round of voting is being called in Wisconsin because nobody reached the required 50%. They call it the 'run off'.

Please, please, think about this and pass it on. Retweet it and pass it on to the decision makers and MPs, because I guarantee you a botched second vote will leave us in an even more unsatisfactory position than we are in now, whoever wins the next election.

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