#FBPE #ABTV @LibDem @VoteLabour Congrats Britain: Its official, we have lost our collective mind!

Congratulations Britain! Its official, we have lost our collective Brexit mind! Take a look at the results of an unscientific Twitter poll I ran at the end of September. Now look at the result of the latest BMG Research group (One of the largest in the UK)

THE INDEPENDENT: The prime minister insists he will take Britain out of the EU on the scheduled Brexit date of 31 October, with or without a deal. But only 34 per cent of those questioned back a no-deal departure in these circumstances, compared to a total of 51 per cent who said Mr Johnson should extend negotiations, call a second referendum or call Brexit off – all options which he has ruled out.

OK, so my poll is unscientific. I mean, even I have no clue how Twitter conducted it. But I have conducted two more in the past, and without exception the results I have found have been borne out by the polls of the day. This is the latest one. You can see, that as has been forecast for quite some time, opinions have hardened, either for Leave or for Remain. Please note that within a couple of percentage points, my poll is almost identical to the BMG's. But my point isn't the big numbers, its the small one. Look at option 1: Deal including an Irish Back stop. Let's not kid ourselves, its the only one that the EU will accept, the only one Ireland will accept and the one that has the greatest probability that the troubles will not start up again.

And yet only 7% of the responders want it. Imagine, 7% of the voting population, that 2.4 mn. out of 33.8 mn will be satisfied. That doesn't even take into account non-voters or the tens of thousands of new voters coming on line now. Are we really saying that this infamous deal that Boris keeps promising us; this deal we all seem to be targeting; this deal that can't get through parliament; is the one we want? Will Britain really be better off with this deal? And what kind of a final deal will we be able to negotiate in the years to come?

If there is one thing that the last three years have taught us, if there is one thing we now know with almost certainty; its that there is no such thing, as an optimal, happy deal that will satisfy both the EU and Britain. If we think about it, it was inevitable. It was the reason that Britain joined in the first place, even though it didn't want to. That is it could not for life nor money negotiate a better deal with Europe on trade from the outside, than it could have being on the inside. But there is a price; and as we are learning first hand and very painfully, that price is not negotiable. It never was. Sure they want our money, and access to our markets. Sure they feel more secure with Britain standing by their side against the world. Sure they want our universities and visiting our Royal family and the most ancient of parliaments; but apparently they are not willing to risk their own existence to get it.

The 7% is a compromise solution, and frankly the most stupid of solutions we could vote for today. We are solving nothing, because we are simply delaying the inevitable. We need to define what kind of Britain outside the EU we can have; is it really better than being on the inside and struggling daily to get what we want; and is it a price we can afford or even want to pay.

In the Guardian paper, daily there are advertisements. One of its latest is a skyscraper, a multi-bedroom apartment with amazing facilities in the middle of London, right next to a park. On the right day such apartments would have a 360° view of clouds. It would be like living in one. Prices start at £6 mn and go up to £27 mn. I have already faced the fact that I will never be able, nor even come close to affording it. and so I dream on; AND I DON'T WASTE MY TIME AND EVERYBODY ELSE'S PRETENDING I'M A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER!

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