#fbpe #abtv #libdem More lies and hypocrisy - please tell me you aren't buying this!

In discussion and politics, we are told, we should be calm and discuss our point of view calmly and in a civilized manner. But just how much bullshit are we expected to stomach? How many more lies are we supposed to smile at and and simply say, "YOU ARE WRONG, SIR!"? "Just how many people are buying all these rainbows and unicorns? " and more importantly, are there people out there who are actually buying any of this?

Seriously, it is one thing to be afraid of somebody like Jeremy Corbyn and quite another to actively harm yourself just so that you don't have to find out. Towards the end of the Korean war, when American forces were beginning to move forward; they came across hundreds of young mothers who preferred to jump off the cliff with their babies, rather than to surrender to the monsters, the oppressors that were moving forward. Is this the point we have reached in our society, where self harm is superior to defeat? Is this the intention of all these lies, to make us wonder, what is real and what is fantasy in this surreal new world of unicorns and monsters?

The government and and Brexiteers lie and contradict themselves on a daily basis. They make promises of riches and success. If it was the Labour party making all these promises, the journalists would be all over them to explain how they would be funded.

Take a look at my poll at the right. It is not scientific in the responses or the target, but they are similar to what I have found, what I believe and what others have found in the their own polls, Boris Johnson and the Brexiteers DO NOT REPRESENT the will of the people today. Even if there were people three years ago that wanted a cliff-edge exit then, they do not exist today. Whatever the motivation and explanation of the result back in 2016, the picture is not the same as it is today. The young have grown up and are now ready to vote, for REMAIN. Those who are telling you pissing off the EU and pushing a NO DEAL exit, are LYING. There is no other way to put it. The new law, the BENN act is clear and unequivocal. To state openly and brazenly that you will find a way round it, but you won't break the law, is poppycock. Rubbish, mendacity. And if by some miracle he manages to pull it off, do you really believe the millions who now want REMAIN, will simply sit back and say "oh well! we lost".

BJ has promised billions in expenditure, money he has not explained where he will find. We know that investment has disappeared. (Let me say this correctly. Investment has dropped considerably) We know that we have a serious scarcity of housing and realistically, the only type we have at the moment are super-luxury accommodation for rich foreigners who buy for investment and keep them empty most of the time.

The risk of Scotland spinning off is greater than ever. The new IRA are already dusting off their equipment, the Welsh farmers are terrified and promises are being made that, I believe, are not being accepted but are bandied around like there is no tomorrow. Everybody, just be honest, ONLY ANOTHER REFERENDUM WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

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