#fbpe #abtv #libdem #HaveYourSay Poisoning the Brexit well with Lemon juice

I wrote a book. Its called "The Art of Selling Lemons", and having now published and reviewed it, it is in all honesty, one of the worst pieces of English literature ever written and hence zero readership. But the basic ideas and the message, I believe, are as sound now as they were when I first thought them up.

It is based on lies, mendacity, half-truths, misinformation, misdirection, over- simplification or underestimation. It is about skillful orators that have raised themselves to positions of influence and power, the demagogues of today; by pandering to the basic fears and aspirations of people. It is about the peddlers of lemons or, if you prefer, the drug dealers of hope and despair. They will sell you anything you want to hear and hence make you feel better, for a while at least. They are the "drug" dealers of politics.

In this day and age we are told not to call people liars even if we have proof or it is patently obvious. This is incitement, and so we need another term. I call them lemons and Brexit was a marketplace for the finest and most poisonous lemons ever.

From the sign on a bus that stated leaving the EU would save us £350 million a week to the poster of an army of Turks marching across Europe to invade Britain. From insinuations that the EU was responsible for the incompetence of the Home office, who couldn't even distinguish its own citizens from immigrants and who can't even count; having burnt records and then resorted to deporting its own citizens just so that they can claim they are protecting Britain from the hoards of illegal immigrants. [Wow! that's some sentence]

It is insinuations that the EU was responsible for all the woes of the fishermen, having thrown them under the bus at the time of negotiations, to achieve there own ends. It is the claims that the Brexiters sought democracy, to uphold our noble traditions and protect our mother of parliaments. But then there was the other side, that threatened fire and brimstone, hunger disease and pestilence. After 8 years of austerity Brexiters sought to deflect attention from the plight of the poor by blaming the EU

If I am honest, then I would have to say, that unless information is freely available and circulated ... and more, almost forced down the voters throats .... then one of the very worst forms of society, and by that I include voting for politicians, is democracy as we know it today.

I believe in what I call "qualified democracy". In exactly the same way I would never give someone a license to drive a bus or do open heart surgery just because they are citizens and of legal age, I would not give the vote to people if they didn't know what they were talking about.

And one of the biggest, juiciest and most poisonous of lemons was the one that said, "Brexit would be a walk in the park ... because the EU really needs our money and they will bend over backwards to keep us in."

bovem de stercore

That's Latin by the way, for bullshit. I will forego my customary method of ending by trying to promote a real referendum (non-binary) and instead leave you with this message. Educate yourselves people, before its too late.

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