#fbpe #abtv #LibDem #Greens My prediction: Labour will win sort of [incl. The truth about Orkambi]

And the Brexit drama goes on. By the way, I should mention that last weekend I saw an EU movie "Brexit: Behind closed doors." It's interesting to look at the Brexit problem from the EU point of view. What I found the most interesting point was the change in attitude as I perceived it during the two hours of the movie. It began as terror (existential) in the sense that some possibly could see the EU falling apart. It turned to self-fear as they negotiated with the 28 and got themselves together to set the terms that in no way could be construed as being beneficial for the UK. It then turned to anger when they saw the tactics of the UK that started as trying to break the EU apart by talking with all of the leaders. Next, as the UP parliament couldn't pass anything that resembled a direction, then sorrow for Teresa May who got thrown out and then had to witness her deal being put forward by Boris Johnson. Now its just sorrow at the hopelessness of the situation. Even though it stopped reporting before March 29th, some doubt was expressed by some people that even another election would not necessarily solve the problem.

Back to my point. My prediction is actually a slight misrepresentation, because it is not so much that Labour will win, but that the Tories will lose. The speech by Nigel Farage this morning, let the cat out of the bag. You see, the Brexit party have now declared themselves not simply as wanting Brexit, but actually as the hard line NO-DEAL Brexiteers. They have declared themselves as being against Boris Johnson' s deal, and are constantly undermining it as not being Brexit. This in itself will weaken Boris, while it will not strengthen the Brexit party. To this we can add the recent discussions that the government has been having with the US pharmaceutical companies. If that isn't a recipe for "selling" off the NHS I don't know what is.

Vertex has been trying to flog this at £104.000 / patient /year. Most other EU countries have already negotiated a much better price years ago. Good job we are America's favourite son.

Take the Cystic Fibrosis dilemma. Vertex, a US pharmaceutical hold a patent for this life-giving drug, Orkambi. They have been in negotiation with the NHS to get a better price than the £107.000 /patient/year, that Vertex insisted was the price. This October Boris Johnson's government came back with a deal that they had finalized a new price they could agree on and was thus now available on the NHS.

Rewind this negotiation by two years, when Vertex were negotiating a price with the Beneluxa Cooperation [Netherlands and Ireland]. At that time Ireland and Belgium were negotiating their first price of €174.000. A report to the Belgium minister by their own expert pointed out that Orkambi was beneficial but could not be justified with anything less than an 82% price reduction. To cut a log story short, it is estimated that the Belgian government isn't paying anything more [if that] than €60.000 / patient/ year [Price is top secret, hush, hush Yes, indeed.]

Three other things should be mentioned here. First, the Beneluxa Cooperation that negotiated the deal has been in existence since 2015, and now includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Ireland to deliver sustainable access to innovative medications to people in these smaller countries. There is now, also talk of including Canada.

Point 2: A similar alliance was initiated in May 2017, the Valletta Declaration, by Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia. No information about its activities has been released.

Point 3: Pharmacies in the Netherlands are allowed to produce medicines, including patented products, for their own patients. On 16 January 2019, pharmacist Paul Lebbink opened a production laboratory in his pharmacy in The Hague in the presence of Health Minister Bruins. Lebbink announced that he would prepare a cheaper version of lumacaftor/ ivacaftor (the active ingredients in Orkambi) should the need arise or should the minister ask him to so.

Is this the fantastic kind of deal we can expect from the new deal -free UK? Is this the kind of deal we can expect for a favoured partner of the US? Is this the future of the NHS, having the poor management negotiating its medicines when consortia of buyers and huge pharmaceuticals are negotiating?

This is the future of EU-less UK. A weakened EU and a third-world Britain (Read England alone 10 years from now) in a first-world environment.

Assuming things run as Nigel Farage stated, the Brexit party will not win many, if any seats but will draw the hardliner NO-DEALERS away from the Tory party. Many remainers from the Conservatives will be scared enough of returning a Boris Johnson that will try to railroad parliament once again. Liberal Democrats will pull away many of the remainers from the Tories as well as the hard-line remainers from Labour.

Result another hung party, and so the next stop will almost certainly be another referendum.

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