#fbpe #abtv Left vs. Right: Which is the system of the future. (NOT ABOUT BREXIT GUYS)

Have you ever wondered what is the ideal system for our society. Consider, the right as I would refer to it, is otherwise referred to as capitalism. It represents ownership, enterprise, reduced regulation, self-motivation and profits. It is considered by many to be the driving force behind growth and economic success.

The left on the other hand, depending on its degree of concentration, represents sharing and equality and has been referred to as socialism, liberalism and even communism. Many consider it to be a land of unicorns. There was a saying I remember from my youth that said; "If your not a communist when you are 18, you have no heart ... and if you are still a communist at 25, you have no brain".

The truth is that almost every type of system has been adopted by somebody or other at some time or other. In its time, for a while at least it worked wonders, and then just fell apart. What if anything is the difference between a deregulated system that supposedly encourages business, and anarchy? If you steal from another individual or a house it is termed theft and burglary but if we do it internally from companies we use the polite term, we call it embezzlement. Why?

We teach our young, supposedly, such values, as lying is wrong. But where politics and opinions are concerned, its quite O.K. We call them things like, political promises, justifying it with excuses such as, the people understand. From £350 per week on the side of a bus and armies of Turks marching through Europe, to the end of days and Armageddon predicted by the other side. It was a lie, and still there are some that insist its right. Its justified. It was in the manifesto they say, but no other reference is ever made to all the other broken promises, just the ones we think are important to us. Regulation they say, stifles innovation and investment. It is a recipe for disaster. Really, then how do you explain the growth of China in modern times?

There are those that would claim that the growth came from the fact that the Chinese adopted capitalism. True or it could be considered another way, they adopted some capitalist methods and techniques, without ever relinquishing their control that they have on society. That is anti-democratic I hear you cry, but what have we done with our so-called democracy?

The fact is there is no real difference between people in the West and the East. We accuse them of autocracy and dictatorship, they accuse us of corruption and lies. We accuse them of violence against their own people like Tianemen Square, and they point to our race riots and other such tactics. They point to our street crime, not to mention organized crime. If we are honest, what would we call overcharging for goods and services. Is it really justified by claiming the market decides? Can we really justify it by claiming it is necessary for innovation?

We claim that freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our western democracy, and that Eastern autocracies are stifling their own people. But what are we going to do with it if we use it to promote racism, sexism, ageism or suppress some groups like the LGBGT?

You hear a person spouting Nazi slogans and encouraging violence and destruction. Is this when we stand up and, like Churchill, claim, "I disagree with you sir, but I support your right to spout it?"

We claim we are the democrats whereas the others are despotic. We support some oppressed nations but not others, depending on the chances that we will get hurt. Its OK, for example, to sell arms to Saudi Arabia to bomb the hell out of Yemen, but we would never dream of interfering in the Ukraine or Crimea. We don't even stand up for our own beliefs if it means coming into conflict with our "friends". We openly, but very quietly, object to Trump's ripping up the nuclear agreement with Iran, but we wouldn't dream of openly defying their sanctions for Iran.

NO, ladies and gentlemen. There is no real difference between men, but it does give us some insight into what we should be striving for. To me it is this. Simply, far better to be in the middle, probably tending to the left. You don't have to own the utilities to control them. What you need is effective governance and regulation. From the railways to the NHS, you need regulation ... but also ... effective governance. You need our laws to be fair and to address people equally. You need laws that stop people taking advantage of the public, and then protecting them.

Finally, I leave you with the state of affairs at this moment in time when we are expecting an election. For the last 10 years the UK has suffered under the worst period of austerity they have ever suffered since the last world war. The police numbers have been reduced by over 20.000, the NHS has, literally, been starved of funds, valuable public assets like the railways has been sold off to people who couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery. And now they claim they will make the biggest investments in history! Really?

Donnez-moi un BREAK

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