#FBPE #ABTV @LabourUK I think Trump is in far more trouble than he knows.

When you look at the US papers and listen to the news, you will hear more and more accusations against him. The most important facts of recent days are

  1. Paul Manafort's (advisor) convictions on 8 accounts of financial crimes

  2. Michael Cohen (lawyer) pleading guilty and volunteering to testify

  3. Don McGahn (Whitehouse counsel) and intimate chats with Russian investigator

  4. David Pecker immunity, He has already released a Catch and Kill story on Trump with a former housemaid affair that ended up with a child.

  5. Allen Weisselberg immunity (Chief Financial Officer Trump)

  6. State crimes investigation against Trump foundation for fraudulent use of funds, where3 not just Trump but his entire family are liable.

All this within the space of 7 days. We hear of impeachment and we know that under the current status of the House of Representatives, with Republicans in control; NO CHANCE. Even if Democrats gain control and he is impeached, it is necessary for

⅔ of the Senate to approve, and this will almost certainly remain in Republican control.

But I don't think that a simple impeachment is enough for the prosecution any more. I think they are after Trump, his family and his organization. If in November the Democrats win and the Republicans get trounced, his support from the party will wane considerably, possibly even enough for them to side with the Democrats in any impeachment proceedings. If Mueller is then given a freer rein with his investigation, I believe that there will be more than enough for Trump to be forced to step down to protect his family at least, assuming the prosecution don't find enough to prosecute him on treason.

I would not like to be Trump right now, because even if he wins in the 2018 elections , and even if he wins again in 2020, there will come a time when he will have to step down, and he is surrounded by hungry and angry sharks.

The symbol of the Republican is the elephant, and they have very long memories.

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