#fbpe #abtv It's official - they've all gone mad!

If anybody had a look at the Washington Post's report yesterday about they highly anticipated border wall discussion held in the Whitehouse to resolve the government shutdown ... I am sure there are many others that would agree with me that there is no other explanation. Trump has finally lost it!, flipped his lid! gone mad! There is no other way to say it. He resolutely holds on to his beliefs about the wall, but goes on about Afghanistan being the reason for the fall of the Soviet Union (presumably to justify his withdrawal if he goes through with it), insulting Mattis and contradicting Pence.

Over on our side of the pond, T.May is still going on about extracting legal and other guarantees from the EU on a backstop that she wants to ensure she will never have to use. That's like adding a fifth wheel on a car, or high-calorie diet food. Contrary to its purpose. Meanwhile she continues her usual rant about this being the Brexit she promised, even if the entire country doesn't want it.

But let's not forget dear old Corbyn. He hasn't yet made it into power, and already he is pissing off his supporters, trying to attract and satisfy Brexiteers who by definition are conservatives, all the while pissing off his own team that are now well and truly behind a second referendum. What is most insane of all is his attitude. He will negotiate a better a soft deal that is good for the economy, one with a custom union and tariff free trade; all the while ignoring the fact, that any form of deal with the EU means an end to the nationalization of utilities planned in the back of that mind of his.

Brexit makes no sense, our leaders make no sense. I don't know if its climate change, I don't know if it is some dangerous psychotic virus that breeds in political establishments and I don't even know if they are all cracking under the pressure. Whatever it is is catching - and so it is now official. We are in the grip of a pandemic of virus de politicien, dangerous but non-lethal and spread by hot air from their mouths or whichever orifice they are using to communicate.

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