#fbpe #abtv Democracy HUH! Congratulations! It's done - we're out

This last week, and especially this super-Saturday has indicated to me just how dangerous democracy can be. We use terms like 'freedom of speech', and 'democracy'. Now both sides remainers and leavers, are claiming to be the democrats! How is that possible. Leavers claim we had the vote, and remainers say we were duped, lets ask again. Can asking the public ever be undemocratic, however many times we ask?

We have reduced Brexit to the level of a 1980's football match, complete with hooligans and violence. I too was fooled in recent months. I considered it simply a matter of getting another referendum, but its not that simple. The Tories in their fight to rid themselves of the EU and its influence, have managed literally, to trash our political system. Of course the fact that we called it democracy and considered ourselves among the most advanced political systems in the world doesn't seem to amount to much these days. Between Donald Trump and his tough guy image and Boris Johnson's impersonation of him, we have managed to reduce the term democracy to the level of a football team, and a third division one at that.

We vote for our leaders. Yes! But how can we make an informed decision if half the facts are hidden from us. But let's not put all the blame on the leaders. We are unhappy with the financial crash of 2008. We are unhappy with austerity and can't understand why almost every other country recovered faster than us. We are unhappy with globalization leaving us behind, and then believe our problems all stem from the EU, because the Tories said so.

We believe the lies, or perhaps we simply repeat them because its convenient, but whatever the reason, leaving the EU is no longer a simply a political matter. We have managed to create a situation where the EU CANNOT - I repeat CANNOT give us our fantastic deal, because it would mean the end of their union. I don't doubt for a second that there are those Brexiters that want exactly that but ... they live in another world. Once Britain ruled a quarter of the planet. You can afford to be arrogant and treat all others, including your fellow citizens like dirt, when you rule the world. But the same techniques you use, like for example - divide and rule are easily learned and repeated. Britain may have left behind nothing but problems in India, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Palestine but what happens when your precious United Kingdom starts demanding its independence. Allowing the rich to get richer does not mean the country is getting richer - and where poverty grows, political discontent follows.

We have the greatest number of employed almost in our history - at least that's what we are told. And yet the UK has the longest working week in the EU. Our in-work poverty is staggering, and food banks are alive and well. Children are arriving hungry on Monday mornings, and there are some that rely on the generosity of teachers and canteen workers for a meal on weekends.

Our crime on the streets is skyrocketing and our police force has been decimated. Our NHS has been run into the ground, our rail transport system has become a joke, and the Tories who have been perpetrating these social crimes are now planning on spending just to bribe the electorate. They tried it with the DUP and look what they did to them. We are now planning on giving them another chance to restore that which they themselves broke.

And let's not forget people. These new elections will select who will negotiate our Brexit trade deals. Will it be Johnson with the help of the Brexit party or will it be the remainers? Will we become the 51st of America?

Or will you just say to Boris, been there, tried that - I'm staying in the EU


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