#fbpe #abtv Brexit: It's over .. well its not! Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!

I'm angry right now, although I can't figure out who I am most angry at. Is it those who "accepted" Boris Johnson's lies about getting Brexit done? Is it those people that so 'hated' Corbyn that they wouldn't even give him a chance as an alternative to a proven liar? Is it those who after 10 years of austerity, suddenly accept the Tories have found the money tree and can now sponsor an expansion of the NHS, the police, schools etc.? Is it those that think that the EU are a bunch of mugs that are a pushover in negotiations if only the Brexiteers could unite? Is it all those that think the enemy is immigrants, fish thieves, and poor trades with the EU?

Whatever the reasons, this result has proven to me once and for all that Democracy is far too dangerous not to carry a government health warning on the packet. In 1945, the populations of Europe were far too accepting of a growing cancer within their midst and ignored it until finally they were forced to go to war. In recent times, the media, driven by governments felt sorry for places like Libya, Iraq and Syria and approved that their leaders should get them involved in a proxy war in the middle East. To this day we are ruing this decision, every time a new boatload of refugees comes across the Mediterranean or someone opens a mobile freezer and finds it full of dead immigrants. The fact is that we are absolutely lousy at playing God. I believe it is the Chinese that have a saying, if you save somebody's life, you are responsible for that life for as long as he/she lives.

In more recent times, a leading light in this our democratic west, the USA is causing havoc. The Americans are discovering how difficult it is to get rid of someone (their leader) if he won't accept to play by the 'unwritten' rules of the game. Laws, constitutions, traditions and even messages are no more than what someone makes of them, and by his logic, if you don't like them, obfuscate, lie and attack the messenger.

Think about this! Teresa May managed after a couple of years to put together a deal with the EU that nobody liked. In a Twitter poll I conducted with more that 30,000 respondents, less than 5% liked the deal. It was ripped apart and her own team turned on her. Enter BOJO the clown, 'insult-or' extraordinaire, insulting women and Muslims equally with his silver wit, and even getting English citizens locked up in foreign jails through his loose tongue. He takes a pencil, moves the dividing line in Ireland into the Irish sea, keeps 95% the same as before although he denies this, time and again and claims he has negotiated a NEW and BETTER deal. The greatest thing since slice bread. Really?

He now has a hand-picked majority in parliament. The fact that he and Teresa May went to court to try to defend their position that their opinions way were superior to parliament's, and despite lying to her Majesty and trying to prorogue parliament, besides their insults and lies in the election, the country bought their new no. 1 slogan "Get Brexit done", hook line and sinker!

Three years ago a referendum was held. A country was sold the idea that leaving the EU would be a doddle, and all our problems would be solved. After voting for the idea, everybody then discovered that they had no idea what they wanted, or to be more precise, what they wanted wasn't entirely in the hands of the British government but the EU might have their own opinion on the subject.

Let's not forget that which we have always known, the divorce bill and agreement was just the beginning, and the easy bit. Now come the terms of the trade agreement and our ace in the hole, that we have allowed only 11 months to negotiate a trade agreement that normally lasts years, and have threatened the EU with another cliff edge just over than a year from now as incentive.

What everybody forgets is that the Brexit divorce has already ensured that the EU get what they fundamentally wanted. A commitment to pay billions and to ensure there is no line dividing Ireland. The EU never stopped preparing for a no-deal Brexit. The UK never really started. Boris' one-nation solution has proven to be correct. Boris didn't lie on that point, and the one nation is England. Whether it's next year or 5 years from now, how long do you think that Boris can stop Scotland holding another referendum if they want to? How long before a Northern Ireland discovers that being in the middle between Ireland, UK and the EU is not the place to be and decide to reunite?

Congratulations Farage and Spartans! You might just get your way ... but its not a soccer match. It's real life!

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