#fbpe #abtv Brexit has become ridiculous ... a disgrace, and the pundits and pollsters are wrong!

Brexit has become a joke, a national disgrace. The, UK,, the once great empire, has become a laughing stock; where all the foreigners can now is observe us and shake their heads sadly in amazement, that any nation would do this to itself.

Brexit has become totally meaningless. We talk in circles, insult each other and avoid the truth like the plague. It has become like that game 'The crystal dome', where the player is blindfolded in a room and the teammates shout out instructions on how to get to the treasure.

Brexit has become like a football match where the English Nationalists have challenged the EU and the result has become a matter of life and death the them. They don't care about the result or how the game is played - they only care that they win. To achieve this they will do and say anything, from throwing things onto the pitch, insulting the players and calling the referee and linesmen, biased. Brexit is the North against Londoners, the rich against the forgotten, the nationalist and imperialists of a now extinct empire. Brexit is the dinosaurs standing up for their right to fight change. The fact that it is their children's future, not their own they are gambling, is irrelevant.

The above chart is the result after the first day of a 7-day Twitter poll, and is as unbiased as I can make any anonymous Twitter poll. In the past I have conducted such polls twice and got responses from 30.000 and 13.000 people respectively. I have no idea how many I will get on this one, but after 1 day, look at the results already. Basically, it reflects the same results I got when I ran a similar poll almost two years ago. Remain is strongest, but that is not the message of this article. No ... look at the first option, a deal that includes an Irish backstop.

Three years ago when the referendum took place, almost everybody from the leave side was claiming this would be a walk in the park. The EU would rush to shower us with gifts to stay in the EU. We would be given everything we wanted and more. We knew nothing, and for many of us, we have learned nothing. We have become liars and hypocrites and the government has shown that it will stoop to any level to win. One MP has died, the Irish trouble makers have dusted off their weapons, demonstrating with violence that which we all knew if we had lived in the UK during the 1980s. Violence as an option is still on the table.

Immediately after the referendum the EU was terrified. After all they were expecting their own national elections and the powers that be were terrified by the prospect that all their members would end up being run by populists, people who quite happily would burn the rule book to achieve their own will. France, the Netherlands and even Austria resisted. England on the other hand has become like a geriatric suffering from Alzheimer disease - a disease they caught from America. They lie to themselves and others follow. Claiming democracy, they have tried twice now to by-pass parliament the basis of British democracy - and Boris Johnson still hasn't given up. They insult the judiciary as if they are their buddies and on the same level as themselves. These distinguished minds who have spent their lives analyzing laws and history are now suddenly the same as some populist rabble that just wants to be in charge or else cause trouble.

Now the people, the populists, are trying to convince others hat if they want Brexit to go away - support them. They have convinced the 'children', the democrats, the voters that we can get back to the police and crime problems, the NHS and schools if only Brexit goes away. Really you would trust the future of such important institutions to the same group that created the problems in the first place?


How else can I put it. Not only isn't it the end, it isn't even the beginning of the end. Even if we leave the without a deal, we will still need to define the new relationship with the EU. We will be talking with them for years. This agreement now isn't the trade agreement, it is the price of admittance for UK to enter the negotiating room and to sit down at the table. We are told we will be able to sign all these wonderful agreements with everybody. Really!


We will get exactly the same response we are getting now. We would love to have an agreement with you, so come back when you have your agreement with the EU. After all, who wants to commit them-self to any relationship if there is a possibility that such a relationship would be worse than what the EU has with us. And that's not all, we will also solve the problems of the fishermen and immigrants.


Let's take the fishermen for example. We will get back control of our fishing waters and presumably live happily ever after if we have this. Did you know that an estimated 75% of the catch from the UK goes to the EU [Reuters], and what's more, it is estimated that as much as 90% of the cod we like to eat is imported from places like Norway and Iceland. So now we will have control of our waters, with permission to catch as much as we want, that we don't eat, and the price we sell it to the EU, quite possibly, 10-21% more expensively - and presumably will increase the price of our fish and chips by a similar amount . This is the reality of the fisherman's plight, not kippers through the post because the EU said so. [See Johnson waving kippers from the Isle of Man]

But let's not forget immigration. the truth be told, our immigration department in the UK is, quite possibly, one of the most incompetent and cruel public departments of the western world. It wasn't EU rules that stopped the UK from keeping records of people that came over on the Windrush, or for that matter, told them to burn records. It isn't EU regulations that have allowed immoral abuse of the laws by some employers to bring in workers from Eastern Europe. Stoke-on-Trent is a classic example. It was the place in the UK that voted strongest to leave the EU - but why?

In interviews by the BBC this week, a repeating example given was Sports Direct who went straight to places like Poland to bring in workers, ignoring the local unemployed and dishing out 0 hours contracts like there was no tomorrow. Instead of the government taking strong action to restrict such illegal behaviour, they helped them and blamed the EU. The fact that the number of immigrants from the EU has dropped off by almost 60% while overall the numbers are up (more are brought in from the far East) isn't even mentioned.

But all that pales into insignificance when you consider what we are effectively trying to do now. Take a look at the chart at the top. Option A is in effect what we are trying to do now, find a negotiated agreement with the EU. Whatever Boris Johnson tries to do, we will never be offered a deal that includes everything we want. It will be restricted in control of our laws, or the price we pay every year for access to the market, or have absolutely no say in laws and regulations and other changes that will affect us on a daily basis. Nobody wants that, not remainers and not leavers and yet that's the compromise we are striving for.


Grow up people !

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