#fbpe #abtv Boris has lost the plot and is now a serious contender for fake politician of all time

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We all know that politicians are somewhat economical when dealing with the truth ... happily distorting facts to suit themselves. Years ago, American comedians came on the scene making fun of George Bush Jr., that is until Trump came along. His lies and selfishness took any humour out of mocking him ... but now we have a whole new category of political mendacity - that which we refer to as BREXIT.

The nation that once created the greatest empire in human history, the nation with the world's oldest and hitherto most respected parliament in the world ...has a democratically elected leader by 130.000 members of the 66 million inhabitants of these islands. A leader hell bent on destroying the country just so that he can call himself THE BOSS.

He is pledged to uphold the law of the land but would rather be dead in a ditch than obey the law. In order to gain the throne, he quite happily stabbed his boss in the back along with his other hardcore cronies - and now he finds he has no friends left. He rips apart his own party, sells out his current allies in order to get round one of his own red lines in his negotiations (Irish backstop) and thinks he can get such a deal past parliament.

Even if he could leave the EU with such a deal, what do you think would be his chances of selling a Canada style deal to the British public? Either he has totally lost the plot, or he thinks he is dealing with a bunch of mugs such as we are. Over the past 3 years we have had to endure the worst of human behaviour; from a build up of racism to explosive reminders from the new IRA that they are still alive and well and just waiting for their chance. And all this from angry new-populists masquerading as democrats.

Democracy they call it, but is nothing more than football hooliganism off the pitch. A world where the only thing that matters is their team. I don't know what will happen, but in truth I am well on my way to not caring anymore. Those that think a no-deal exit is better than bad deal are insane.

Do we really have to destroy the UK to prove it? Do we really need to see Scotland secede to realize that they are not kidding about independence? Are they so blind that they cannot see that the only reason that many voted remain in 2014 was the EU? Can they not see that what the UK thinks of as subjects for negotiation are in fact cast-iron rules designed them to keep the already fragile EU together?

They may have a shaky currency (there are some who think that the £ is stable)! They may have 101 rules that Britain claims are anti-democratic - but the one thing that is not up for discussion is their single market, designed to protect its members through sheer size - in exchange for a loss of some nationalistic sovereignty ... not through greed on the part of some as Boris would claim, because as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or even Donald Trump will tell you ... when you are dealing with millions, full democracy is an impossibility. It breaks down and becomes unworkable.

So bring on this no-deal Britain. See for yourselves what a pissed-off Europe (because they too will hurt and won't know why!) will treat Brits abroad. Gloat as you see Europe suffer, while you wait in line for your medicines and next meals - secretly wondering "what have we done?"

I've already got my second passport!

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