#fbpe #abtv Be careful what you ask for ... you might get it!

Congratulations Brexiteers, congratulations hard liners! You've done it. It looks like the EU just might give T. May the chance to get her solution over the line. The original offer of extending article 50 may be modified and now not only will there be a choice of a second referendum or general election. That's right, article 50 may be extended till July (at least) just so that the PM can get her solution over the line. The committee (parliament) that was tasked with designing a new thoroughbred racehorse will finally have a new design, The only question is whether it will have one hump or two (camel).

The solution that almost nobody wants, the solution that guarantees nobody will be satisfied, rammed down the throats of the British public. An agreement with the EU that virtually guarantees ECJ a place in British justice for years to come,. An immigration system that ensures Britain has problems sourcing the people it will need for agriculture and the NHS ... and best of all, years of Brexit dominating politics at the expense of the social system, because the Brexit negotiations haven't even begun.

As for Corbyn, you genius you ... if you persist on your trying to renegotiate Brexit to your insane specifications, it is quite possible you will end up splitting your party beyond repair. Let's start off with the vote. Unless you are willing to guarantee a second referendum, the 2 million or so new voters may just decide to vote for Lib-Dems rather than labour. And let's not forget the EU. Of course they will negotiate with you Jeremy, after all that's what they are paid for. Maybe even they will let you join them at the negotiating table when discussing new trade deals. But if you think you will have a veto power like you did before, forget it. If you think that you will be allowed to subsidise (for example) agriculture against their wishes, well I hope the farmers are able to eat all their wonderful produce themselves, because sure as sh*te they won't allow your sponsored produce to compete in the single market with their own products.

Then of course there is the question of the United Kingdom itself. Following 10 years of austerity, a new period of poverty brought on by Brexit due to poor productivity and lack of investment, will literally be the last the last nail in the United Kingdom's coffin. I would be willing to give odds that within 10 years, one generation, Scotland will be off ... and if the Irish problem is aggravated don't be surprised if neither the government nor the DUP will be able to stop Northern Ireland from holding its own referendum on their reunification with Ireland.

Guess what Jerry baby! If you happen to be the Prime Minister at that time, rest assured that it will not be the Tories who will pay the price. Oh! By the way even if you manage to get the EU to throw you an extra crumb or two, whatever makes you think you will be able to get your solution, whatever it is, through parliament.

Be smart Corbyn, give up your ideas that you can control Brexit. You can't; because nobody can. Back a second referendum and a free vote for your supporters, and guarantee yourself their votes at election time. Don't lose them to the Lib-Dems!!


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