#fbpe #abtv All roads lead to referendum! SUCK IT UP

If people would pull their collective heads out of the asses for a moment or two, they might realize that in fact the UK has run out of options. Even allowing for the fact that we are running out of time, even allowing for the fact that MAYBE there are some business people on the continent that support UK, even allowing for the fact that UK won the last WW, albeit with the help from some friends, any logical person will see that this deal is the best that May could have achieved given her red lines. Red lines incidentally that were imposed on her by various factions of her own team.

The real problem of course began back in 2016 when Team TRUMP UK managed to sell the nation an undeliverable dream. It was based on the imperialistic, arrogant assumption that the UK had a superior negotiating team, one that would convince the EU to self-destruct and give the UK things they didn't even give their own members. The government even bought shares in its own lie, calling an early election that cost them their majority.

The deal May came back with wasn't even as good as what Cameron brought back just before the referendum, and frankly is unacceptable to all. To the hardliners, it represents not simply NOT achieving what they want, but in fact a worse position because a vassal state is superior servitude, since that is what they will have since they don't even have a voice in decisions that affect themselves.

To the remainers, even though it certainly isn't as bad as a hard Brexit, the fact remains that they will have less than they had before and now, no say in the matter. Not only that but it still risks thae break up of the UK with the secession of both Northern Ireland and Scotland.

To all those that don't want another referendum, allow me to explain once and for all.

  1. It can never be undemocratic to ask the people again, once they have more information. Not unlike a pilot asking the tower to confirm instructions in order to avoid errors. Can you imagine what would happen if they were allowed to respond. "I am not going to tell you again. If I did I would have to tell everyone twice!"

  2. To the hardliners I say this, face it ... you're not going to get your way. Your only chance is to fall back on the people and hope against hope that a miracle happens and they vote NO DEAL.

  3. To the Remainers I say, that while this maybe the best you will get from May, you know that it is not as good as remain. Another referendum gives you the best of both worlds. If the people say May is best, so be it! and if they choose to remain, again you are in the clear.

  4. To Teresa May I say this, Brexit is a poison chalice. I have said so from the beginning, and anyone who drinks from it is politically dead. The same applies by the way to Corbyn were he to try and negotiate a new deal. The only chance for a politician to survive is to put the matter before the people; that way at least they won't go down in history as the person who destroyed the UK.

Wake up people and smell the coffee! Time to get real.

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