Fake news and the self-fulfilling prophecy

We are told we live in the information age; an age where news can travel half- way round the world in mere seconds. We hear of all those non-democratic countries some better, some worse because try as they might it is impossible to totally isolate yourself today on planet earth.

We know of the dirtiest government secrets that come to light, and in the name of democracy we pride ourselves on punishing even the most powerful. From top film directors to powerful politicians, we say "No more, we will punish you for your sins." We may not be able to stop you from embezzling millions and condemning entire communities to poverty, but look at a woman in the wrong way and your toast.

As a self-appointed daily affairs blogger with very little follower ship, you would be right if you accused me of jealousy when I see blogs with hundreds of thousands of viewers. I read them and say to myself, "just a minute, that was last week's news and I wrote about it and absolutely nobody responded". But there is one thing I have never, don't and will never do. That is to "sell" my beliefs for a handful of 'likes'.

Let's take a look at the Tories. One day we are told that they are doing a fine job of the economy. The debt is coming under control and expenditure is dropping ... BUT we know NHS is starved of funds. We see it all around us. On the NHS we see that top surgeons are contemplating getting in an extra round of golf (sort of, its one of their own jokes) because their operations are cancelled. Why? Because there are no beds available. We are told the NHS just received more money, even thought they themselves say there have over 100.000 unfilled vacancies. What exactly were you planning on paying them with?

We are told we have a good economy now, because we have very low unemployment, and yet many of the lower middle-classes are now relying on food banks. Nurses, policemen, you name it. We hear of rampant knife crime, but of course the lowering of police numbers (some say by as much as 20.000) on the streets has nothing to do with it. We are told the problem is the social welfare people dealing with the communities, has gone down. Of course the fact that there is no money for them either is neither here nor there.

Just what does it take for you (the people) to realize that someone, somewhere is taking the piss? The saddest part is we are the guys that are the butt of the joke. Now at this point I want to bring about the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy, and its dangers.

Basically, it has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that perception is more powerful than reality. For example, if a bank is unstable it can stay that way for years. Its when the news gets out that the real problems start. At the same time, these 'news' stories could just as easily be fakes. Start a rumour about the instability of the bank and the next thing you know, everybody is running to get their money out. By tomorrow the bank is ready to declare insolvency. In this I too feel guilty. As a 'doom and gloom merchant', I could well be accused of being part of the problem.

But is it better to live in the land of the unicorns? Is it better to buy the rose-tinted glasses we are being sold? I would answer a resounding YES, if it wasn't for the fact that it is the same fantasy peddlers that are selling us the glasses.

Now we hear more good news. On the back of a better economy, the pound has risen and we now hear of the wonderful news, bank interests may rise next month to control inflation. Our wage increase are now about the same as interest rates. Just a minute, wasn't it the papers that were warning us just a few months ago that consumer debt had risen to uncomfortable, not to mention downright dangerous level? How is everybody expected to pay their increased interest debts then?

FACT: Today the IMF is warning that while world economy is getting better, but the level of world debt is going up and we are told, now reaching dangerous levels. What does this even mean? How can an entire planet be in debt at the same time? It talks about China raising its borrowing level from $1.5 tn in 2001 to over $20 tn in 2016. To me this indicates two things.

The first, as usual, the level of debt is not the problem. During this period China has managed to maintain a growth rate, at time, 4-5 time faster than the rest of the world. China took this money and invested it. It then sold parts of these companies to the West. Think about this. Firstly, they could borrow money because they already had it and they used it to create more money. They then sold large chunks to the West, while always maintaining control in a political environment that we in the West detest (actually we are wrong but that's another story.) Result: today the only non-destructive weapon we have in our arsenals is sanctions and that too is compromised.

The next time China or even Russia needs punishing and we slap on new sanctions, who exactly are we punishing? Isn't it ourselves because we own some the companies we are sanctioning?

Never let it be said I have forgotten Brexit. We've all hear the story about the duck, If it walks and talks like a duck, then it probably is one. In 2016 the remainers foretold of a complete collapse of the economy. Did it happen? No, but that doesn't mean that the economy did well either. Britain still dropped to the lowest level of the EU countries and its growth was well below the average of the EU.

Its like saying that you selected a doctor based on the fact that he has never been sued for malpractice. We've been promised a control of immigration. This phobia, sold to us by the Brexit merchants is not only wrong, its dangerous. Firstly, as far as the EU is concerned there has already been a decrease in 2017 by over 70.000. Next, the promises of reducing numbers to under 100.000 is insane, a lie that only a Tory could spin and maintain a straight face. They've now even started deporting Brits to get those numbers down, and occasionally even, sending them to the wrong country. (A Jamaican to Nigeria?)

The fishermen, not only didn't get a better deal during the transition period, now they don't even have a say in the quotas. The FTSE 100 is doing a little better. Partly because all stock markets are better off, but we are told, also because business is a little more at ease, though only God knows why? But make no mistake. They are just preparing better for their own exits from the EU (or planning investment reductions) accordingly.

Only the most militant of Brexiteers have still not seen the pitfalls of Brexit. One branch is the isolationists who have years ago already invested heavily abroad to the detriment of UK investments and the other is the foul-mouthed internet trolls that like nothing better than stirring up racism and trouble in the name of 'demokrasy'. Another coalition forged in hell.

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