Either the Brexiteers are immoral liars or they are seriously delusional

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Less than a month ago the world was making fun of Donald Trump taking the test for dementia. We thought that politics could not be reduced to a lower level than that. Yet here we are again with the Brexiteers insulting our intelligence by repeating 'pie-in-the-sky', impossible rhetoric.

Think about it! They are trying to convince us that no way Scotland is going to break off from the UK. They 'believe' that it is possible to be outside to customs union but do away with borders in Ireland and the Irish sea. They believe (or at least that's what they are telling us) that the EU will give Britain a wonderful deal because it is to their advantage. The fact that the EU cannot afford to give Britain a better deal than its members and still maintain their unity, doesn't seem to register on their reality scale.

They are convinced that their saviour will be the USA, a country that is actively destabilizing British society with their presidential tweeting of extreme right-wing propaganda and lies, and now adding insult to injury with his NHS comments. Their president has openly stated its America First, but Brexiteers don't seem to believe that either. They are convinced the economy will be much better off, with proponents claiming £350/ week savings was actually a conservative estimate. They are trying to convince us that shoes and food and shoes will be cheaper.

I suppose it will be, if all you want to eat is bananas and wear Indian open sandals! Boris wants to build a bridge to France. Why stop there? Why not build one to America? Just think of the airfreight and shipping expenses you can save!

The Brexiteers are becoming more delusional and paranoid than ever. The EU unity and their reluctance to allow Britain to split them apart is perceived as the EU punishing Britain. The loss of their voting superiority in the last election is ignored, suggesting instead that the young generation just wants free university education.

I have never doubted that logic will always triumph in the end, but there is a price to pay for delay. Every day this wishy-washy and insane attitude prevails is one more day delay for businesses NOT to invest; for helpful and essential immigrants to stay away from the UK; and especially for highly prized EU (and world) institutions to move out of the UK and into the EU.

Frankfurt and Paris can't wait for Britain to leave, as indeed do many Europeans. They see no more Britain vetoing their ideas, and any loss of trade will be more than made up for by the extra financial services they will gain. They are already starting to prepare in that area.

So ... demand that the people have the last word. Demand a referendum on the acceptance of the negotiated deal. You like it - great, go ahead ... but if you don't like it, cancel Brexit! Combine this with another general election and you can also get rid of the austerity winter that the Tories have managed to perpetuate. Two birds with one election. You can't get a better deal anywhere !!


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