Do politicians ever learn? I think perhaps they do!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

If you have been following the news for the last few days, then possibly like me you may have started worrying. 6 nations squaring off and 4 of them are nuclear.

All this over claimed chemical warfare that has yet to be proved. Don't get me wrong. This isn't my support for chemical warfare or even Syria, This is about due process in matters as serious as possible all-out wars. The confirmed rhetoric by many on the anti-Assad side - confirmed use of chemical weapons in 2013 and at least 100 suspected uses since then. Serious accusations, but we are the ones always going on about due process.

We have now sunk to the levels of Trump, conducting foreign affairs through the media. First rile up the electorate and prepare them for a meaningless war that nobody can decide if there can be any good to come of it. Second, ramp up the hype of who has the biggest and shiniest missiles.

All those that think handling hot foreign issues through Twitter is a good idea should have their voting right rescinded.

I am sorry but if you can't see this for what it is then you have no business expressing opinions on current affairs. In Britain you have a government that is pressured, by everyone. Lines have been laid down by all sides, making literally, any movement on Brexit very controversial and even worse, no movement which some consider even worse.

Meanwhile home affairs are not faring well at all. The Conservatives have reached the point of 'crowd funding the NHS'. They are committing resources to improvements that they themselves say they don't have and priding, themselves on economic successes that only they can see. Like a child proud of its sand castle while the tide is coming in.

In America you have a President that is losing his friends round him faster than a man letting a particularly loud fart loose in a lift (elevator to cousins across the pond.) His own lawyer under arrest, quite possibly his personal financial records soon to be revealed (at least leaked if not legally released) The Republican party are refusing to run in the next election. So what's the solution? Why divert attention of course.

But when I said 'they' might be learning, I was also talking about the permanent invisible advisers round them ... and the reason is because of the way they managed to deflate this party balloon without too much expense or losses. First scare the whole world with rhetoric and then build up a nuclear coalition. In Hollywood they would do this by ramping the music, and then you begin to deflate the balloon.

You tell them where you are where you are going to hit and give them plenty of time to move the furniture aside. Next you aim far and wide from the nuclear arsenal just in case they get the wrong impression. Apparently the UK and Russian generals have a hotline to ensure they don't get their wires crossed. Finally, you release only 100 missiles, just enough to tie up the Syrian anti-missile batteries but not too much to overwhelm them. 70/100 is an 'A' in any G.C.E exam.

But ironically, Teresa may just have pulled it off. By her post battle speech implying this is not about regime change but the use of chemical weapons, my instincts tell me she just may have succeeded where Obama did not. I can see it now! Inside Bashar al-Assad's office.

"Fine, you can keep your damned chlorine, we'll use Ajax instead!"


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