Democracy, mob rule: UK, the rule of law and other hypocritical concepts!

If you want to know just why the poorer countries of this world are so frustrated with their lot in life and a small proportion turn to terrorism; if you want to know who is responsible for the world being in the grip of populist politicians; if you want to know why nothing; not wars nor even revolutions truly change anything in life; then look no further than in any mirror.

Let's face it! We, as a species are born liars and opportunists and will do and say anything to achieve our goals. Even when we override our natural instincts in order to do the 'right' thing we, more often than not, will temper this attack of conscience by applying it selectively; where we want.

The UK is a country of rule of law! The UK is a democracy! The EU is anti-democratic! Russia is totalitarian! Turkey is totalitarian! Err ... wait a minute, about Turkey that was yesterday, because today we want to make a deal with them!

Let's take democracy. As far as I know, the UK is the only European country still on the 'first-past-the-post' system. Think about this for a second. Take just one constituency in an election. As an example, there are ten people running and each gets 9% of the votes except for one, that gets 10%. Congratulations we have a democratic winner. In theory, we could have a parliament, a democratically elected parliament 100% from one party alone, that has nothing more than the support of only 1% more than the next candidate.

This of course is in complete contrast to the most anti-democratic of institutions, the EU commission that has 28 members, one selected by each country from their own country in the EU.

Next we have populism, the people have spoken and therefore their opinion is supreme. Kind of like Trump in the U.S. Before him of course we had the KKK, but that's illegal now so we need a new champion. Our media, spurred on by their readership and scoops, will do and say or imply anything just for recognition. Whether its trashing someone's reputation like Cliff Richard or trashing a country like Russia by accusing them without proof on hearsay (their own) alone, I for one think there is no difference, Freedom of speech they call it. Freedom of the press.

Many would claim that it was Trump's lies that convinced people, but the truth of the matter is, they were people asking to be lied to. All they needed was an excuse, all they needed was a different banner to march under. Populism is a GIGO animal. If you feed it garbage, chances are it will process the garbage into another kind of more personalized and specialized garbage. Take the bombing of Syria. Its OK to bomb them into submission because the people said it was OK, even if the UN and even most of Europe disagreed. Anything for a vote!

And then we have the rule of law. We are quite happy to bash people if it is in our interest and they are not too strong; and hold out the rule of law book for all to see, when it suits us.

So, the breaking of sanctions by countries and companies is illegal, but selling arms to Saudi Arabia where they are used against civilians in Yemen, that's OK.

We don't like corruption but we are quite happy to take corrupt or stolen money and launder it, for a price of course. We specialize in this field, offering our clients our very own laundering facilities in the Caribbean countries such as those in the British commonwealth.

Whether its Russian Roubles or Nigerian Naira, we welcome those with American Express gold cards.

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