Conservatives -The nasty party: morally corrupt or just stupid? You decide!

This evening we have learned that Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary. Apparently more and more documents are surfacing that refer to the targets. Either she is totally incompetent or just lying. Then there is the second case that made its way into the news. Its about another case (red diesel) that has collapsed because of failure of the prosecution to disclose pertinent information to the defense. When asked, the former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas explained it is his belief that the reasons for so many failings is the cuts that are taking place, both to the police and within the justice department. He believes that the cuts have meant fewer police are available to do work and force them to take shortcuts that frankly, are illegal.

We supply weapons and heavy armor to nations who use them in questionable circumstances, (Saudi Arabia and Yemen for example), we conduct weekend bombing raids on Syria rather than risk putting the case to parliament and having them block the move, just so that we can have the dubious pleasure of saying "hey Donald, look we are with you."

These things we know, so what don't we know. We don't know with absolute certainty what happened in Salisbury, because the government won't release information on the grounds of national security ... but none-the-less wants us to swallow a pile illogical circumstantial evidence in the name of patriotism. But what they wants us to swallow on the home front is equally illogical and far worse, because it impacts daily life. They wants us to believe that all this austerity is for our own good. They wants us to believe that privatization is the way to go on everything, including schools and the NHS. Lessons from private initiative hospitals now closing because of lack of funds go unlearned. Lessons from bankruptcies like Carillion get buried. They give us wonder statistics like unemployment down, and GDP growth. but since they are taken out of context you might be forgiven for thinking we are doing OK. A growth rate of 0.1% GDP for the first Qtr. of 2018, an estimated 6 times lower than the average EU. Also wages are now marginally higher than the rate of inflation but considerably lower than the GDP growth making it unsustainable.

There is an anecdote in Cyprus. An old farmer, pressed by economic hardship, decides to save money by lowering his bill for feeding his donkey to zero. A few months later the donkey dies. Just my luck says the farmer, "I finally manage to teach the donkey not to eat and he goes and dies on me!"

To call them political lies or inaccuracies is being far too generous. This is the party that teamed up with the DUP, against same sex marriages, and abortion. They will do and say anything to keep in power. Promises to help the Grenfell victims are still unfulfilled. Even now they can't get themselves to admit that Windrush was a forced mistake due to their nastiness policies. And they continue on the same mindless, suicidal EU departure tact because of a handful of imperialistic has-been's or wanna-be's.

People, if something looks like a cowpat, smells like a cowpat, do we really need a Porton Down chemical analysis to tells us not to play around in it.



Since you are here, perhaps you would consider signing the petition to return the final vote on Brexit to the people. We need a lot of votes, so if you agree help pass the message around. Whatever side of the Brexit fence your on, it can't hurt. We now know that nobody can negotiate a decent Brexit! It is an impossibility ... and so what I am suggesting is to put the question back to the people in the form of a final vote on the Brexit deal. Not a necessarily a referendum, because many believe that is a binary tool (actually they are wrong) and this is a non-binary problem. What I am proposing is a vote. To be held in Early November latest, with a three-way question.

  1. Accept whatever deal is being proposed and leave in an orderly manner

  2. Reject the deal and simply leave, opting for the NO DEAL option

  3. Accepting that any Brexit is too detrimental, therefore choosing cancelling Brexit

Our own unscientific Twitter poll

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