@ChrisGrey @NewEuropeans_UK Mogg's 90% growth outside the EU absurdity

One of the 'numbers' that has been troubling me for some months now, is the often quoted by Rees-Mogg of 90%. He trumpet's this number as the percentage of the growth of the world economy originating outside the EU. His argument is that Britain can't take advantage of this new trade without leaving the EU. So I spent the weekend researching (read googling) the number.

Apparently it originated as research requested by the EU commission back in 2013. Its intended use was to show that the EU bloc was a very large and lucrative market for foreigners. Now, as I have said before, I have studied economics but I am by no means an expert. But some things in Rees-Mogg's argument don't ring true (what a surprise!) For example, why would the EU want to publish numbers and statistics if it was to its own detriment? That question is easily answered. Because at the time of the research, the number derived from reliable IMF and world data sources, quoted the trade from outside the EU as being 86% and forecast it would rise to 90% by 2020.

Then there are other contradictions. The EU has over 50 different types of deals with countries abroad. Its second greatest partner is China after the USA. Both would like a freer arrangement than they have, but both accept what they can get, because they realize it is to their advantage and because the EU has been solid in its unity about its demands.

Its demands, contrary to what the Brexiteers imply, are not just financial. On the contrary that's the last thing on their list. More important is standards and respect for intellectual property. The USA has already told Britain that they shouldn't accept the EU's demands on agricultural standards. Of course they would. How else could they flog their 3-legged (more drumsticks) genetically modified chickens to Britain. In the White House at the moment is a man who would sell his own mother for a viral tweet, and the world-class Teresa May negotiating team that couldn't negotiate Brexit without resorting to threats and begging, is going to get the better of Trump or Xi? Duh, you do the Math! as the Americans would say.

Then there is the question of, why is Germany doing more business with China than the UK if the EU restrictions are such a problem? Could it be that the reason has nothing to do with EU restrictions, but more likely it is because their manufacturing sector is much better than the UK's? If so, what will happen to the UK's manufacturing when

  1. Brexit kicks in and further damages the sector?

  2. The lack of investment finally takes its toll and the output gets even worse?

So Mr. Rees-Mogg, once again an arch-Brexiteer has been proven to be a peddler of lemons (read: liar). As for the rest of Britain, time is running out. DEMAND a vote on the final exit before May signs away your future!

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