Cabinet can't even agree that they disagree!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

The BBC and its 'balance' policy are taking the Brexit issue into the realm of fantasy. Its sad when the host of a politics show tells the guest, "so you want your cake and to eat it too" ... instead of "you're talking through your arse", and it really is insulting to the viewers. The Brexiteers are now claiming that the forecasts of the civil service show that there is no scenario of Brexit that will leave the economy better off are piffle, because they didn't build in the government's plan for a bespoke deal. What is that I hear you ask?"

You may well ask, but basically its things like leaving an open backdoor in Ireland, with no border in the hope that nobody will use it to smuggle things in and out of Britain. It is the hope that Scotland forgot about their independence and all those qualified nurses will rush to join the now that the £ is depreciated, making it less attractive to them financially.

Meanwhile the EU is preparing itself. Some people call the latest statement from Brussels about penalising Britain for non-compliance, a 'threat' by Barnier but is it? They sit over there and witness what? That there are still people in the UK that effectively want to cancel part I of the agreed negotiations deal, and not pay anything if there is no deal, and they are supposed to trust Britain? So what are they doing? Simple, they are saying ...

"If you think we are going to accept to sign a deal where any future UK government can just tear it up and do what they want with no consequences, you've got another thing coming Boyo"

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