Brexiteers rebranded as snivelers

There was an interesting discussion today on Daily Politics. It started off on the subject of the Windrush migrants, and a pollsters opinion on how people feel today about immigration and illegal immigrants, As he pointed out, subjects such as the NHS and Brexit have gained in importance and by definition forced subjects such as immigration further down the list. But he did mention that there was an increasing public awareness towards the benefits of legal migrants up by nearly 15% in 2 years. Why is this important? Because if there is another vote on the subject of Brexit, it is highly likely that those who voted leave because of the immigration problem may well have had a change of heart, especially since we now know that the government has proven that it was, and is incapable of handling the subject without messing it up big time.

Returning to the title of this blog, I was looking in the dictionary for synonyms to the word 'crybaby'. After all the Brexiteers were happy to brand those that voted pro-EU as 'remoaners'. But it seems these days that those with the names, and those actively involved in the aforementioned activity i.e. moaning are not one and the same. On the contrary the Brexiteers now seem to be the whiners and moaners, so I hereby Christen them 'the Brexit Snivelers'.

Consider the referendum. When Article 50 was first signed, Gina Miller took the government to court and won. The subject, the sovereignty of parliament and the right of the government to take Brexit decisions without consent of parliament. The papers then followed by moaning that the judiciary was undemocratic and judges were traitors and should be brought under control. Then followed the next case brought before the courts and once again they were defeated. This time it was to allow the government to take the final Brexit vote alone, and instead they lost. Now they must give parliament a meaningful vote, and they are doing the damnedest to thwart that by delaying it more and more. Just as well really because since the last general election it can't even be claimed that we have a meaningful government let alone a competent one.

At this point the readers of history may well be forgiven if perhaps they have started to get a feeling they are in a groundhog type of day. Without in anyway wishing to draw attention to the parties involved, the similarities I am pointing out here have to do with the early events and their sequence in history, and not the characteristics of the party that was to become among the most reviled in human history.

I am talking about nazism when it was in its infancy. Its growth in the mid-1930's and the way in which Hitler amassed power were not unlike what the government is trying to do today. To be fair, the Hitler tactics in those days did not remain dormant, but have been tried in a number of countries. One such example is that of Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and seem to be a prelude to the appearance on the scene of a new dictator.

Meanwhile back in the UK, the meaning of meaningful vote for parliament needed a definition. Bear in mind that the House of Lords has no real power in decision making. All they can do is refer it back to the House of Commons for reconsideration. If they in their wisdom say "No .. we are right that would generally be the end of it."

When next it would be submitted to the Lords it would be passed. So it is strange now that an amendment suggested by the House of Lords has suddenly been elevated to the lofty position of defeating the will of the people. Why? Because it is doubtful if the Commons has the numbers to defeat this suggested amendment and hence once again the Brexiteers are sniveling about going against the will of the people. So at this stage at least, it seems the government has a problem. Apparently according to them, they really need the NO DEAL option on the table to negotiate effectively.

Well here's my suggestion. In the event that the government cannot come up with a satisfactory Brexit solution, refer it back to the people. Ask them, do you accept this deal or do you want to stay in the EU or do you want to just crash out on WTO rules.

There job done!

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