Brexiteer: Asked- Had they thought Scots leaving UK and Irish problem -Answer: No and I don't care!

On a poll, How would you vote, with almost 24,000 responders, [2 more days to vote if you want to] 66% want to 'cancel Brexit' as opposed to either a 'soft Brexit', i.e. accept whatever is negotiated, or just up and out, 'hard Brexit'. But there were more than 50 comments.

I looked at them and asked in one thread from Brexiteers, "I'm curious, when you voted had you considered that Scotland might break away and the Irish problems might return?" The answer was "NO I hadn't, but I don't care anyway".

So what does that say about our society? Had serious people like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson thought about these things? Perhaps they don't believe it will ever happen? Perhaps they believe the UK should split apart?

I honestly can't understand this kind of thinking. This is totally irrational. It is anarchistic thinking. The idea of imperialistic people like Jacob Rees-Mogg and these youthful anarchists being on the same side is just too much for my poor brain to accept.

To all those crying "what about democracy?" my answer is simple. It is obvious to me that you are simply using this as a sort of mantra, possibly to replace "Brexit is Brexit!" In truth I don't think you understand either democracy or even the Article 50 process. Over 50 years ago when this process started, there was no article 50. It is a recent addition designed by a Brit, Lord Kerr. Article 50 started a 2 year countdown, which could be cancelled anytime during this period. It was not designed to be bureaucratic. It was a chance for whoever, to rethink the process when the consequences of the decision were better known and understood.

As for being anti-democratic, *** Newsflash *** Asking the nation to decide again, or even reinforce a decision CAN NEVER BE ANTI-DEMOCRATIC. What is anti-democratic is denying them the right to vote again, just like it would be anti-democratic to deny Scotland the opportunity to vote again if they ask. Or Ireland, or Gibraltar.


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