Brexit: Immigration, misconception and hypocrisy

I just watched a fascinating BBC documentary by Panorama on immigration. To be honest the whole video was depressing in its portrayal of the British attitude towards immigration. It helps explain Brexit, but it doesn't explain, ... well the hypocrisy and stupidity of it.

Nick Robinson, the presenter went to Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, a town that voted over 70% for Brexit. Nick went round asking how many thought immigration was too high and almost overwhelmingly they answered 'YES'. Many of these people also voted for Brexit. Nick then showed them a dozen or so occupations on plastic cards (I think he called it his happy families game). These cards include jobs like lorry drivers, social care workers, catering staff, NHS workers and fruit pickers.

When asked which of these workers should be controlled, none of them selected these jobs. Because they hear daily on the TV that there are shortages. They know that students bring in money. They know that the people doing these jobs are needed, that they pay taxes and are less of a burden on social welfare than Brits. When asked, what jobs would you stop, one respondent smiled and just said "You stumped me!"

In fact there is no evidence that these migrants are a problem, and yet they are targeted by racists and street hooligans. The flow from the EU has already begun. Many of the nurses are leaving and even the British nurses are leaving the profession, because they say, they are too overworked and underpaid, over-stressed.

When you ask employers, why don't you hire local staff? the answer is almost always, where are they? As for underpaying them, one egg farmer said that he already paid them well over the minimum wage and even the minimum living wage and still they have a shortage of over 50 positions. Even apprenticeships doesn't solve the problem.

So, who are all these people that these immigration worriers want to control? Apparently, there aren't any! So why so much 'mistrust and hatred'? It is interesting to note that without exception, all the respondents against immigration were old timers. One man sitting in a coffee shop stirring his latte macchiato, rued the fact that when he walked in the road he didn't hear English spoken like he did before. An old lady was asked who should do all the jobs Brits didn't want to do, and her answer was they should train and pay more. When asked what if these jobs still had shortages, her response was the government should 'force and train them more.'

So what can be done about this? What was agreed by almost all was that a national debate was needed, but to this I would add more programs like Panorama, to educate people. Nicola Sturgeon stated the problems of Scotland and stated that the growth of old-timers far exceeded the taxpayers that would pay for all the social workers.

As things stand now, the government and Britain really doesn't need to worry about an immigration policy. At this rate nobody from the EU will want to come here. If Rees-Mogg gets his way, they will be replaced by robots, a typical Tory way of reducing wage bills.

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