#Brexit #EUref .... Britain is selfish and short-sighted! -20/05/2016

Throughout the history of humanity, whenever the things get too hot on the home front, governments the world over have shifted public attention abroad and conflict, often war has ensued. We have seen this facet of the human psyche time and time again; from the endless European wars of the last 2500 years to the colonial conflicts of imperialism.

To this end, the last century gave witness to the two greatest conflicts ever, the World Wars; resulting in trillions of dollars damage, millions of lives lost and the first use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Both these wars began in Europe, and in 1960 a contrite Germany, with 5 other nations, gave birth to the European Coal and Steel Community, the forefather of today's EU. Once more the words "Never again!" echoed.

Today the EU consists of 28 nations, a mini United Nations for sure. With such a potpourri of cultures, such a wide range of national interests, dispute is inevitable. For all that, the EU has managed something no representative body has ever achieved before. Never in history has there been a period of 71 years (and counting) of peace in mainland Europe (EU). Even the long Peace (1871-1914) only lasted 43 years.

Today you have only selfish and short-sighted politicians. Ones who will quite happily champion anything if it will get them their 15 minutes of fame. It is a sad state of affairs when the greatest achievement of the EU is not even considered as a "pro" for remaining in the Union. Britain claims superiority over the rest of Europe but if it had not been for a great statesman like Churchill it would probably not even have entered the war of its own accord, and if it had not been for America the allies could well have lost anyway.

Don't do it! For once consider the greater good. Consider future generations. Stay and fight for a better Europe instead of giving in to the likes of Nigel Farage, "In the name of (so-called) democracy" !


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