Brexit: A Pyrrhic Victory and the Cassandra curse

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam. She was gifted the ability to foretell the future and consequently she was cursed such that nobody would believe her.

As a resolute anti-Brexit campaigner, sometimes I feel I know how Cassandra must have felt.

Its sad sometimes to think about the whole Brexit thing. In my mind there can be no happy ending to Britain separating itself from the EU. Not even those that think they are getting back their independence will be happy. From medicines to financial services, the UK will find itself dependent on the rulings of the ECJ. It will find itself adopting EU standards and even where it differs, that is the UK standards will be higher, it remains something they could do even now. The British people do not understand the EU and its bureaucratic structures. They never tried to and the media and government never tried to educate them. It is archaic and bureaucratic, yes. It is in need of reform, yes. But it will learn, just like China and the USA and Africa and everybody else.

The EU is more than a trading bloc. It is a social experiment, one both envied and dreaded by the world. It has taught an entire continent that it is far better to shout and argue than to go to war. In some countries they even throw chairs at each other in parliament. OK so what? Britain talks with the leaders and hears how they want this and that. Of course they do. Brexit is like a dinner bell, each trying to get his own crumbs off the table. Spain sees a chance at Gibraltar, and even though they almost certainly won't get it, I am pretty sure they will get some concessions over the airport. Ireland too will get its bone. In 400 years they have never had such a chance to discuss once again the matter of reunion. The Scots who wanted independence couldn't have asked for a nicer gift. They had no response to the one card the UK had that trumped everything they could offer, the EU - and now the UK has gone and thrown it away.

Consider for a minute what it means to have your own parliament doing nothing more than rubber stamping the important European decisions just so that you can say "our parliament decided ..!" Consider what it means to make your own rules and standards just as long as they don't diverge too much from those of the EU! Consider what it means to negotiate your own independent deals with (say the USA) only to find they insist on their own food standards which diverge from the EU ... and you have to decide who you want to side with.

The old and the young have spoken and the young want the EU. Years from now, because this whole question will not just die, the young will decide again - but it won't be so easy. The UK has disputed borders and the opponents will demand their pound of flesh before silencing their veto. Never again will Britain simply be able to just sign up. Consider the Norwegians. When asked about their whole EU relationship they all say it was the worst deal they ever did, but hey! they're happy and unlike the UK, they didn't squander their share of North sea oil, they invested it.

Don't get me wrong. Britain will not end up as a pariah, isolated from the EU, but where now it stands tall as the second largest contributor and the strongest financial supplier to the continent, tomorrow it will become the supplicant. The supplier of money who happens to be geographically nearer the continent in a world where money can travel half way round the world in a few seconds. Britain will be the wise voice of the visitor expressing his opinion on your garden. At the end of the day, if you don't like it just leave it, no veto to worry about.

The EU will defend itself with zeal and all the power of 27 states against one. If you were a betting man, who would you bet on?



Since you are here, perhaps you would consider signing the petition to return the final vote on Brexit to the people. We need a lot of votes, so if you agree help pass the message around. Whatever side of the Brexit fence your on, it can't hurt. We now know that nobody can negotiate a decent Brexit! It is an impossibility ... and so what I am suggesting is to put the question back to the people in the form of a final vote on the Brexit deal. Not a necessarily a referendum, because many believe that is a binary tool (actually they are wrong) and this is a non-binary problem. What I am proposing is a vote. To be held in Early November latest, with a three-way question.

  1. Accept whatever deal is being proposed and leave in an orderly manner

  2. Reject the deal and simply leave, opting for the NO DEAL option

  3. Accepting that any Brexit is too detrimental, therefore choosing cancelling Brexit

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