@BBCnews In the U.S, students are protesting gun control. For the U.K. Brexit is YOUR gun control.

If you guys (students) want inspiration on how to change the world, then take a look at the video of Florida students demanding change after the school shooting a week ago.

In the space of one week they have managed to get themselves organized and gone nationwide. They are planning protesting Washington and won't stop till they get what they want. One reporter called them relentless. While watching it I was struck by what I consider to be the best retort to the standard NRA's (National Rifle Association) claim about ... the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms!

Reporter: How would you answer those that accuse you of interfering with their right to bear arms?

Student 1: Er .. Um

Girl Student: Yeah - Well what about our right to live?

But as much fun as that was, this is about Brexit, and frankly it is getting worse. David Davis is promising a race to the top, while others threaten to turn the UK into a low-tax center for businesses, there is one thing that they are not saying, and that something affects you. Low tax rate may sound great, but remember:

You only pay income tax if you have an income, and zero hour employment is actually the Tory way of not even paying the minimum wage. Tories have made further education almost an impossibility for the lower income classes, and are now commissioning a new study to study the effects of their studies only just implemented. They sold your parents a Brexit 'pup', who are now paying for it with YOUR futures. By the way, for all those who feel guilty for still living at home, don't! Its their fault you are in this mess. But time is running out people. The politicians are making a mess, and as much as I like Labour policies, I don't trust them not to mess it up either.

Whether you voted remain or leave, whether you are Tory, SNP or Labour how can it ever be anti-democratic to ask the people? The Brexiteers are accusing those who are demanding a second referendum as being anti-democratic. That's the biggest load of twaddle I have ever had the misfortune to hear. So what if it is a second referendum - or a third or a 95th?

You witness a young depressed person ready to commit a crime or worse, threatens to commit suicide. You tell the authorities and he is taken away and cared for. You bump into him a few days later, obviously better and less depressed. What do you do? Go up to him and accuse him of being a liar because he didn't top himself?

Its not unlike blind men trying to identify an elephant, nobody knows but it gets worse. Because it took place in total darkness, and even a seeing observer couldn't tell. Now we are in a position to judge for ourselves.


A three-way question that you answer not some politician.

  1. Accept the deal offered and LEAVE the E.U

  2. Reject the deal offered and LEAVE the E.U

  3. Accept it is too costly and dangerous and CANCEL BREXIT

After all, you can always keep the conversation going and repeat the referendum when you know more about what is involved, because if you think the Scots, the Irish, the businesses, the farmers and everyone else are simply going to lie back and accept it ...you've got another thing coming.

The 'bespoke' deal may be possible. After all bespoke simply means tailor-made, but if you have never seen a tailor-made suit that doesn't fit, I guess you don't know my tailor. Understand this people, before its too late. It doesn't matter who you believe here in the UK, this process involves someone else, the EU and they have their own interests to look after. For some people to claim, "they will give us what we want, because it is to their advantage" is almost criminal in its stupidity. How can it ever be to the E.U.'s advantage to have a happy Britain and watch their own house fall apart around them?

This narrow-minded, short-sighted 'divide and rule' foreign policy ended up with a troubled India, Pakistan, Spain, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Falklands, Argentina, Palestine and Ireland. If it had worked for Britain, then MAYBE someone could claim a triumph, but guess where the majority of non-EU immigrants come from?

SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE FINAL DECISION TO BE YOURS. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students.

This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. After that the price goes up. If they vote again to leave so be it, at least you tried!

Sign Petition : https://t.co/Wo8DgvjjYN


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