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Updated: Feb 27, 2018

A group of people comes to a junction. They can’t decide which way to go. They can see one way, the road is stony, potholed and has many obstacles. The other is clouded over but seems nice. Someone says he thinks there is a cliff at the other end of it, but never-the-less the group chooses to investigate.

Having decided to go down the clouded route, they come across a cliff. Are you seriously telling me that Democracy demands everybody jumps off because of the decision they took earlier?

​​Even if 100% of the population voted to LEAVE nowhere does it say Democracy can't change its mind. Circumstances change and hidden problems are revealed. Look at Scotland, and now even Ireland. But the vote wasn't 100%, and many, many claim it wasn't even 52%. They claim they were fooled, or didn't realize that they couldn't just use the vote to blow off steam. They didn't realize that Scotland seems adamant about staying in the EU, and even if stocks and currency seem stable (not) ... a rethink may be in order, rather than trying to force a square peg through a round hole.

I happen  to believe its because there is still a large portion of the public that doesn't believe Britain will go through with it. In other words this is just the eye of the hurricane!

Earlier I tweeted an idea, form a super party made up of REMAINERers from Labour and Conservative that would be UBERists. It would solve both parties problems about leadership.

TOO MUCH! O.T.T (Over the top.) OK, so maybe that's 'too way' out at this time. Too advanced. Then let's try the next best thing. Have a general election, but ONLY vote for your party's candidate if they are wearing a badge like the one shown here. DEMAND your party puts up two candidates at every polling station. If there is only one assume the Brexiters are trying to cheat again!

While you are here, perhaps you would consider signing the petition demanding the government give back the final vote on Brexit to the voter. Whichever side of the debate you are on there is no way the politicians will give you what you want. Give the power back to the voter and if they agree with you, you get your way.

http://chn.ge/2oxwrs2 via @UKChange

Go on Britain ... Demand a General Election ... you've know you've earned and deserve it! One way or the other it will solve the EU problem. 

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