Are we sure that Trump isn't actually a Russian agent?

Wouldn't it be great if history was to reveal that it was more than simply collusion on the part of Trump, but that actually he was a Russian plant?

In the mid 9th Century, legend tells us that Joan, actually fooled the cardinals into electing her Pope.

In Ancient Greece, one of the reasons that the games were held naked was that earlier a woman posing as a man entered and actually won a few events. That was when the nudity rule was introduced to ensure it didn't happen again.

Trump, from the very beginning was suspect. From his refusal to reveal his past tax forms pre-election, to his strenuous denial of collusion with Russia, one cannot but wonder just what do the Russians hold over Trump. They buy his apartments and become members at his club. They look to funding his towers in Moscow and Azerbaijan (or was that Iran?) He has connections with the mafia through the building of his properties. With the amount of information on him to date, if it wasn't for the fact that he was president he would be behind bars by now.

Two things bear mentioning in this 'new' world. The first is, in my opinion, a Trump plus. The fact is that his 'practicality' and lack of scruples have opened opportunities for 'the peoples' in Western nations. Let's not kid ourselves. The media are as guilty here as any of the bigots using free speech to further their cause. I am talking about political bias masquerading as freedom of speech and news. All are complicit, but some are more complicit than others. Any controversy is blown out of proportion making self-destruction look imminent, and any retractions printed at the bottom of page 12. They are only in interested in their own ratings, and in the race to be first to publish a story, often risk printing false information. Let's not kid ourselves. The press was equally responsible for Brexit as were the Brexiteers. To claim 'the people knew what they were voting for because so and so told them is false, because dozens of others told the opposite story. How do you decide when you are being bombarded on all sides with information, some false some real and much of it simply speculation?

The moral of this story is even sadder. It means that only those truly in the know will ever be in a position to speak intelligently on a subject; thereby rendering democracy ineffective. Our system of governance in the West just isn't ready for true democracy! What we need is to find a way to make deliberate spreading of false information, illegal. Perhaps even a permanent group of civil servants attending parliament, complete with on-line computers, authorized to interrupt anyone and flag falsehoods even as they are spoken.

But I digress. My point here is not on how to deal with falsehoods and fake news, but its effects. It has the effect of treating everyone the same, as moral and ethical distinctions get sidelined. Those who hated Communism based on sentiment or historical performance, and were truly stuck on what Stalin did to his adversaries, neglect to even notice that China remains the one nation on earth to have lifted "fairly evenly" their peoples truly out of the economic gutter they were stuck in. And those who hate Russia for the sake of hating Russia are equally ignorant. I don't know the whole story, but I know for a fact that the Crimea invasion, as indeed Syria and the Ukrainian support for the rebels is far more than a simple "you know what, I think I'll help myself to a piece of that!"

I can't remember ever seeing a truly unbiased report that gave me the story from their point of view. I don't read Russian or Korean.

As for the second point, in many ways it is even worse. It is the power of capitalism, the power of money. Such power, just like nuclear power, can be a powerful engine for economic growth, for a growing economy. Abused though, it can destroy you. Both Brexit and the Trump administration have revealed the truth. Money can buy you what you want.

In the Trump administration, person after person, is revealed to be a Russian agent, regularly opting for Russian wealth over nationalist sentiment. The richer made richer with their tax cuts. National health and education decimated, and environmental damage that eventually will impact us all, not just Americans. There is no such thing as true social conscience. It is merely a publicized reaction to regulations, having lost the battle not to regulate.

While in the UK we have an equally despicable system. We burn our citizens alive and then proceed to blame others, like the fire brigade. We deport our own citizens to fulfill a manifesto pledge. There is much to be said, for other systems. For example in Turkey and South Korea, when tragedy struck they responded, in my opinion correctly. When buildings started collapsing in Turkey due to poor design and cheating on the steel in construction, the authorities had the architect, the owners and the builders in custody before the dust had settled. Same in South Korea in 1995 with the collapse of a new shopping mall. In the UK, over a year since Grenfell, we are still shaking our heads and wringing our hands while the authorities "investigate". Hillsborough took 21 years to render justice.

The problem with capitalism isn't capitalism in exactly the same way that the communist problem wasn't communism. It is imbalance. Even under communism there were the rich. The system for communism, work what you want to comrade could, never be sustained, any more than tying humans to the the stone mills works in capitalism. What we need is a practical system to ensure NOBODY takes more than a certain share, whatever happens. It may mean statistics like 80% of inland revenues is from 10% of the population, but so what if it avoids other statistics like 99% of the wealth of a nation is owned by 10% of the people.

As for Trump and collusion, If it walks and quacks like a duck, what more do you need! I can actually envision a communique between Trump and Putin that goes something like this.

"Enough talk Trump! We've given you over a year to get in position and now it's time to deliver."

Next thing you know, Trump wants Russia back in the G7 countries. I'm almost surprised he didn't suggest reparation be paid to Russia for damage done!


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