Apparently, the "nothing is agreed till everything is agreed" has a time limit

According to the head of the National Audit Office, Sir Amyas Morse, said on Tuesday that if parliament approves the withdrawal agreement in a vote in the autumn, it will become a legally binding treaty regardless of the success of separate trade talks. His remarks are a blow for Theresa May, who has said she will not pay Brussels the money if it denies Britain a post-Brexit trade deal. In my opinion, it will also be extra pressure on parliament to take the right decision, and less likely for the chief whip to be able to impose his will on back-benchers. Presumably, this will also mean that fall-back options built in to the transition agreement like the EU solution to the Irish border problem will also be valid, in spite of Teresa May's onjections.

If we add to this the two denials this week of Mr. Barnier for a satisfactory 'bespoke' financial services agreement, the future for a "no customs agreement" crowd is looking bleaker and bleaker. My guess is that the Tories could well have a problem selling, "Let's give away Ireland and pay £39 billion for the privilege" solution to the UK public.

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