@afneil @bbctw #fbpe #abtv What should the question be in the second referendum??

More and more the subject of a second referendum is cropping up, and more and more the question of what should be on it, is mentioned.

And more and more I hear absolutely rubbish commentary and somehow the only acceptable democratic solution isn't even mentioned. Let's start with this is not my solution but is a generally acceptable democratic method in virtually any western civilization (except the UK).

The idea of splitting the options on a ballot paper for the Brexiteers is considered unfair, and frankly it is. This would happen if we tried to table T.May's proposal as one option and and a WTO solution as another. The only logical and acceptable solution is this.

Table every possible solution that can has been suggested and does not require further negotiations from the EU. E.g. Norway Solution, Canada solution, May's Proposal, WTO rules (crash rules) and cancel Article 50.

The question is this; what direction should the UK move in next?

That way nobody can complain that they didn't get an equal opportunity. In the event that nobody manages to secure 50% on the first round, the two top scoring (and only the two top scoring) options are voted on. Thus if your first option failed to get through on the first round, one week later you are forced to decide between the two top scoring options. QED people. Get it right!!

I will bet you anything that Cancel article 50 wins on the first round!

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